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iOS-Developer-Roadmap - Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018.

  •    Swift

Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018. This is a tree-like compilation of topics highly relevant to iOS development. Both image and text version are generated from human readable content file.

OpenProject - Web-based project management system built on Ruby on Rails

  •    Ruby

OpenProject is free and open source web-based project collaboration software. It supports your project teams throughout the whole project life cycle. The software is developed by an active international community, governed by the OpenProject Foundation. It helps to organize project requirements, tasks, bugs, risks etc, Assign responsibilities, Configure workflows, Agile support, Easily track the projects and much more.

projects - Curated collection of projects for folks looking to collaborate within the Elm ecosystem.


Before you get started, watch this video that outlines how collaboration works in the Elm community. When you are creating a package, it would be really helpful to be able to preview them locally. This would allow you to review them and make sure everything looks okay. You could also generate docs for your own non-package code and look at it locally.

prodops-guide - The future of DevOps

  •    HTML

The goal of the ProdOps Guides is to provide teams, companies and organizations a framework to understand how software impacts business needs. We've shared our vision and priorities for this project in our roadmap.

roadmapster - [Unofficial] [Open Source] Wizeline Roadmap Github integration

  •    Ruby

Wizeline Roadmap is an excellent SaSS for fast, free (at the moment) and agile way to create beautiful roadmaps. This project is aimed to extend it's functionality by providing a way to create roadmap items based on any Github issue. This project is developed outside of Wizeline Inc. by using publicly accessible API's. There's no employment connection, payment involved or any legal tie in any form by the supporters of the project and Wizeline Inc.

software-architect-roadmap - Software architect roadmap


In general software architect is like the architect in real-life. Hes's responsible for making high-level design decisions. The objective of this document is giving an overview about the skills required by software engineers to level up and become a software architect. Still there's no ideal skills required to be gained, but this is just a roadmap to be followed to highlight the main skills to be gained.

roadmap - Coordinating technical work & roadmapping additional services


We track project progress using a Waffle Board and identify major goals in roadmap.md, go check them out! If you are new to the project, check out our first timer issues, which are cross-listed on up-for-grabs.net. The best place to start reading about any service is to open its server.go file. All go programs (that aren't packages) define func main() as their starting point, and for us that's always defined in server.go. Often you'll see a function called NewServerRoutes that defines any and all outward-facing http endpoints. These endpoints define what the service can do, and working backward from there is a great way to understand a service.

hacker-roadmap - :pushpin: A guide for amateurs pen testers and a collection of hacking tools, resources and references to practice ethical hacking, pen testing and web security


This repository is a guide for amateurs pen testers and a summary of hacking tools, resources and references to practice ethical hacking, pen testing and web security. Most of these tools are UNIX compatible and MIT licensed. Note that Linux is the best operating system to practice ethical hacking. Penetration testing is a type of security testing that is used to test the insecurity of an application. It is conducted to find the security risk which might be present in the system.

development - The future development of Micro


This is the future development of Micro. Micro is the simplest way to build microservices. Our goal is to continue on this mission in an open and collaborative way with the community. Up until now most of our ideas and development have revolved around discussions in Slack. This useful for realtime collaboration so we can move quickly but often means not everyone gets to contribute or we don't have a history for others to go back and look at to understand how we got to where we are.

awesome-roadmaps - A curated list of roadmaps.


A curated list of roadmaps, mostly about software development, which give you a clear route to improve your knowledge or skills.

roadmap - The public roadmap for Scout application monitoring.


This is the public product roadmap for Scout, application monitoring that developers ❤️.