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rkt - the pod-native container engine for Linux

  •    Go

rkt (pronounced like a "rocket") is a CLI for running application containers on Linux. rkt is designed to be secure, composable, and standards-based. The rkt v1.x series provides command line user interface and on-disk data structures stability for external development. Any major changes to those primary areas will be clearly communicated, and a formal deprecation process conducted for any retired features.

amicontained - Container introspection tool

  •    Makefile

Container introspection tool. Find out what container runtime is being used as well as features available. For installation instructions from binaries please visit the Releases Page.

coreos-osx - Local development docker/rkt CoreOS VM App for macOS made very simple

  •    Objective-C

CoreOS VM is macOS status bar app which allows in an easy way to control CoreOS VM on your Mac. It leverages macOS native Hypervisor virtualisation framework of using corectl command line tool, so there are no needs to use VirtualBox or any other virtualisation software anymore.

amicontained - Container introspection tool

  •    Go

Container introspection tool. Find out what container runtime is being used as well as features available.

rkd - Think Dockerfile & docker-compose for rkt

  •    Go

rkd (aka rock-it dev) is a simple tool to build and run rkt containers locally. Suppose you have a NodeJS webserver running locally with docker-compose and want to convert it to rkt, without using conversion tool like docker2aci & the likes.

selinux - common selinux implementation

  •    Go

Common SELinux package used across the container ecosystem. Please see the godoc for more information.

dgr - Container build and runtime tool

  •    Go

dgr (pronounced "digg-er") is a command line utility designed to build and to configure at runtime App Containers Images (ACI) and App Container Pods (POD) based on convention over configuration. dgr allows you to build generic container images for a service and to configure them at runtime. Therefore you can use the same image for different environments, clusters, or nodes by overriding the appropriate attributes when launching the container.

turbo - Simple and Powerfull Utility for Docker

  •    Go

The snail is © under Deamworks Animation movie Turbo.It is used for non-profit & non-commercial representation purposes only. Turbo is a simple and easy to use utility that can be used over a docker ready enviorment.Its main purpose is to simplify the use of docker,in a simple and useful manner.It is a useful combination of a variety of different tools used to manage docker containers.

rkt-compose - CLI to run Docker Compose file as pod on rkt with integrated service discovery using Consul

  •    Go

rkt-compose aims to run existing Docker Compose projects on rkt directly without creating dependencies to other more complex tools. It supports a subset of the Docker Compose file syntax and runs all services of a docker-compose file within a single pod in a wrapped rkt process. rkt-compose's internal model differs slightly from Docker Compose's model. The internal representation can be marshalled to JSON from a loaded Docker Compose file or directly read from a pod.json file. Consul integration can be enabled to support service discovery and health checks.

mulled - Mulled - Automatized Containerized Software Repository


Fantastic! This project will generate a minimal Container either for Docker or rkt and all what you need to do is to write one single line in packages.tsv. The layer donning technology underlying the mulled project is developed in the involucro project. If you want to contribute, for example to add an dpkg or yum backend please contact us and check out the involucro project.

containers-rules-manuscript - Recommendations to contenarized your bioinformatics software

  •    Shell

This repository contains the manuscript entitled: Recommendations to package and containerize bioinformatics software. Our aim here is to describe how the bioinformatics community can produce better software containers and package to improve reducibility of original results. Feel free to comment, fork and pull-request the current version of the manuscript. If you want to discuss issues or topics around the manuscript please feel free to use the issues and/or pull requests.

enjoliver - Build, test and deploy a baremetal Kubernetes Cluster

  •    Python

Deploy and maintain an usable Kubernetes cluster. The Kubernetes Kubelet container runtime is rkt.

cntr - A container debugging tool based on FUSE

  •    Rust

Say no to $ apt install vim in containers! cntr is a replacement for docker exec that brings all your developers tools with you. This allows to ship minimal runtime image in production and limit the surface for exploits. Cntr was also published in Usenix ATC 2018. See bibtex for citation.

rktmachine - Menu bar macOS app for running rkt in a macOS hypervisor CoreOS VM.

  •    Swift

RktMachine is a macOS menu bar app providing a CoreOS VM using HyperKit and the macOS Hypervisor. It supports developer workflows using the rkt container system. It can be used to control system dependencies for a project, to provide a container based environment with necessary dependencies for building and running software under development, or to try out new tools and services quickly.