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dumb-jump - an Emacs "jump to definition" package

  •    Emacs

Dumb Jump is an Emacs "jump to definition" package with support for multiple programming languages that favors "just working". This means minimal -- and ideally zero -- configuration with absolutely no stored indexes (TAGS) or persistent background processes. Dumb Jump requires at least GNU Emacs 24.3. Dumb Jump uses The Silver Searcher ag, ripgrep rg, or grep to find potential definitions of a function or variable under point. It uses a set of regular expressions based on the file extension, or major-mode, of the current buffer. The matches are run through a shared set of heuristic methods to find the best candidate to jump to. If it can't decide it will present the user with a list in a pop-menu.

ferret - Enhanced multi-file search for Vim

  •    Vim

Ferret provides an :Ack command for searching across multiple files using ripgrep (https://github.com/BurntSushi/ripgrep), The Silver Searcher (https://github.com/ggreer/the_silver_searcher), or Ack (http://beyondgrep.com/). Support for passing options through to the underlying search command exists, along with the ability to use full regular expression syntax without doing special escaping. On modern versions of Vim (version 8 or higher, or Neovim), searches are performed asynchronously (without blocking the UI). Shortcut mappings are provided to start an :Ack search (<leader>a) or to search for the word currently under the cursor (<leader>s).

ugrep - Ultra fast grep with interactive query UI and fuzzy search

  •    C++

ugrep is ultra fast grep with interactive query UI and fuzzy search. It can search file systems, source code, text, binary files, archives (cpio/tar/pax/zip), compressed files (gz/Z/bz2/lzma/xz/lz4/zstd), documents and more. A faster, user-friendly and compatible grep replacement.

search-and-view - Tools to make searching and viewing easy.

  •    Python

Tools to make searching and viewing easy. For a Chinese introduction, see my blog article.

ripgrep.el - Emacs front-end for ripgrep, a command line search tool

  •    Emacs

ripgrep.el allows you to search using ripgrep from inside Emacs.

socyl - The emacs frontend for several search tools (ag, pt, sift, ripgrep, ...)

  •    Emacs

The emacs frontend for several search tools (ag, pt, sift, ripgrep, ...)

deadgrep - fast, friendly searching with ripgrep and Emacs

  •    Emacs

Deadgrep is the fast, beautiful text search that your Emacs deserves. Install ripgrep.

rgp - ripgrep plus - Wraps ripgrep to add google like queries to patterns

  •    Go

and it will search across all your local code. Just like sourcegraph, zoekt or chromium codesearch does. This is an early release, so bugs, perf and code cleanliness will come.

atom-narrow - narrow something

  •    Javascript

You can check GIFs for all bundled provider here. I use scan, search, git-diff-all, symbols in daily-basis, for other providers I don't use much. To follow this quick-tour, you don't need custom keymap.

jarvis - A powerful, minimalist development environment powered by NeoVim

  •    Vim

The following are features provided by Jarvis. They all have quick keybindings to make them quick and easy to use. Open files with simple keystrokes with fuzzy matching via command line and inside NeoVim.

rg.el - Emacs search tool based on ripgrep

  •    Emacs

Use ripgrep in Emacs. Ripgrep is a replacement for both grep like (search one file) and ag like (search many files) tools. It's fast and versatile and written in Rust. For some introduction and benchmarks, see ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift}.

dotfiles - Workstation configuration, provisioning and tools

  •    Vim

This repository contains scripts that I use to provision my new computers/servers that I use day-to-day. I maintain it so that I can be productive within 10 minutes of encountering a new or re-installed PC.

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