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Vue-Access-Control - :gem: Frontend access control framework based Vue

  •    Vue

Vue-Access-Control is a solution of front-end user rights control based on Vue/Vue-Router/axios,through the control of three levels of routing, view and request, the developer can realize the user authority control of any granularity.

trigrams - Trigram files for 400+ languages

  •    Javascript

Trigrams for 400+ languages.Returns information about all trigrams occurring in a certain declaration, in the form of an object.

udhr - Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Unicode) in plain-text and JSON

  •    Javascript

The most translated document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Unicode, in JavaScript.Returns an array of information objects. Gets information about the documents: their stage, if a plain text version is available, if an accessible JSON document is available, language regions and lat-long locations, etcetera.

ticketator - Django simple ticketing system

  •    HTML

Ticketator is a simple ticketing system developed in Python 2, based on Django Framework. It's inspired in some Jira features and others ticketing systems commonly used by IT Departments. Ticketator is about tickets, queues, users and groups.