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backoff - Python library providing function decorators for configurable backoff and retry

  •    Python

This module provides function decorators which can be used to wrap a function such that it will be retried until some condition is met. It is meant to be of use when accessing unreliable resources with the potential for intermittent failures i.e. network resources and external APIs. Somewhat more generally, it may also be of use for dynamically polling resources for externally generated content.Decorators support both regular functions for synchronous code and asyncio's coroutines for asynchronous code.

robust-websocket - A robust reconnecting WebSocket client for the browser

  •    Javascript

robust-websocket is a wrapper around the standard WebSocket class that implements the same interface, but can reconnect when disconnected or the user's computer comes back online. It is error-code aware and will not reconnect on 1008 (HTTP 400 equivalent) and 1011 (HTTP 500 equivalent) by default. This behavior is fully configurable via the shouldConnect (see Usage).

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