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retro-board - Retrospective Board

  •    Javascript

This is a Retrospective Idea board, powering retrospected.com. This project is both an actual product, and also a technology demo using the latest and greatest JavaScript libraries of the month.

retrobot - 🤖 A slack bot for retrospectives

  •    Javascript

A retrospective bot for Slack (inspired by @PebbleKat's retrobot 💙).The bot will record retrospective feedback (via DMs) and then display in a group channel in a random order, allowing everyone to vote on "needs work" with a 👍, after which a summary of the top 3 can be reported. All inside of Slack.

remote_retro - Effective retrospectives for distributed teams

  •    Elixir

This repository houses the application code for Remote Retro, an open source professional development project written in Elixir/Phoenix/React and sponsored by Stride Consulting. To see the project's current feature pipeline, simply install the wonderful ZenHub Chrome Extension.