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ERPNext - Open Source Alternative to SAP

  •    Python

ERPNext is an Open Source ERP for small, medium sized businesses. It is built on wnframework. It contains various modules including Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Sales management, Purchase, Human resource management, Asset management, Point of sale, Project management, Leave management, Billing, Payroll and lot more.

BlockchainStore - :moneybag: Retail Store that runs on Ethereum

  •    TypeScript

It is written in Solidity and represents a retail store. It supports customer and product registrations. Every registered customer owns a shopping cart to collect products before checking out.

hello-retail - “Hello, Retail!” is an open-source, mobile-first, 100% serverless functional proof-of-concept showcasing a complete event sourcing approach applied to the retail platform space

  •    Javascript

Hello, Retail! is a Nordstrom Technology open-source project. Hello, Retail! is a 100% serverless, event-driven framework and functional proof-of-concept showcasing a central unified log approach as applied to the retail problem space. All code and patterns are intended to be re-usable for scalable applications large and small. Check out https://github.com/Nordstrom/hello-retail-workshop for more explanation and a guided tour of how you might expand hello-retail with new functionality.

paypal-retail-node - A module and midtier server to help integrate mobile applications with the PayPal Retail SDK

  •    Javascript

TL;DR: You need to use your client ID and secret from developer.paypal.com to get a token to call InitializeMerchant within the SDK. You can use our modules in your own server (node.js express/Kraken, ruby, Java, .Net, ...), or use one of our prebuilt Docker containers or Heroku builds (most of this is aspirational right now). You can do this for free on Heroku and Amazon EC2, including SSL if you use something like CloudFlare.If you just want to know the gory details of what's happening at the network level, see What's Really Going On Here?.

elasticsuite-for-retailer - Smile ElasticSuite for Retailers - Magento2 toolkit for Retailers : Store Locator, Availability and Prices per store, etc


If your project is based on Magento 2.1.x you can start working with ElasticSuite for Retailer today using the latest 1.2.0-alpha1 release. This package is a suite of several modules aiming to help merchants dealing with retail and omnichannel mechanics in Magento 2 (Store Locator, Product availability/price per store, pickup in store, etc...).

react-shopping-cart - A simple shopping cart SPA written in React & Redux

  •    Javascript

A simple shopping cart SPA with an ability to persist cart items on page refresh.

PopCommerce - POP Commerce is an eCommerce and ERP application suite for retail and wholesale organizations

  •    Groovy

POP Commerce is a simple eCommerce application and an admin app to administer the eCommerce site and manage various aspects of a retail or wholesale business, from customer service and fulfillment to accounting. The goal is for POP Commerce to include all functionality a general retail business might need. While meant to be a usable and functional, the primary purpose is to be a easy to customize starting point for custom eCommerce sites and a demonstration of the use of Moqui Framework and Mantle Business Artifacts entities and services for building eCommerce applications.

increase-retail-revenues-leveraging-hybrid-cloud-on-mainframes - To showcase the business challenges that a typical retail company might be experiencing, we share a case study about a fictitious retail company, and how they leverage IBM Z

  •    Javascript

To showcase the business challenges that a typical retail company might be experiencing, we share a case study about a fictitious retail company, which we refer to as Breadbox Groceries. Today, they run three data centers across the country with IT reaching into the stores and distribution centers as well. In the data centers, they host their core Business Support Systems on IBM Z. Supporting applications are hosted on IBM CICS® and IBM z/OS® Db2 systems.

price-finder - Finds the prices of retail items online

  •    Javascript

Finds the price of retail items online, either by scraping the web page or through product APIs. The current supported sites are listed below.

retail-demo - Rasa's retail starter pack

  •    Python

Use rasa train to train a model. Note that --debug mode will produce a lot of output meant to help you understand how the bot is working under the hood. To simply talk to the bot, you can remove this flag.

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