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restclient-cpp - C++ client for making HTTP/REST requests

  •    C++

This is a simple REST client for C++. It wraps libcurl for HTTP requests. restclient-cpp provides two ways of interacting with REST endpoints. There is a simple one, which doesn't need you to configure an object to interact with an API. However the simple way doesn't provide a lot of configuration options either. So if you need more than just a simple HTTP call, you will probably want to check out the advanced usage.

SimpleRestClients - A simple set of wrappers for RESTful calls

  •    TypeScript

A library of components for accessing RESTful services with javascript/typescript.

QuickORM - Quick ORM RestServer and RestClient based on mORMot framework

  •    Pascal

QuickORM is a simple RestServer and Restclient based on mORMot framework. Provides a fast implementation of client-server applications in few minutes. TORMRestDB: Rest ORM access to database. For single applications without client connection needs. TORMRestDBFull: It's a client and embeded server. Client comunicates to server that provides cache benefits. For single application without client connection needs. TORMRestServer: Rest ORM with http server embeded, allowing clients connections to ORM and services published.

RestClient.Net - Cross Platform REST Client for all C# platforms

  •    CSharp

This most simple Task-based Async, strongly typed, cross-platform C# REST Client. Note: benchmarks are biased! Please submit a pull request to fix these benchmarks and make them objective.