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Responsive - :iphone: A super lightweight HTML, Sass, CSS, and JavaScript framework for building responsive websites

  •    HTML

Other frameworks are too design opinionated and heavy. They're great for prototyping but every time you start a real, front-facing, project with them you have to overwrite lots of designer styles that do nothing to add to the functionality of the website. That costs developers time and money. Responsive BP has been built with that in mind. It is the result of thousands of hours of real, client driven web development and testing; specifically developed to be as lightweight as possible to prevent the need to undo styles set by the framework itself and allow developers to write efficient code and lower costs.

Spectre.css - A Lightweight, Responsive and Modern CSS Framework

  •    CSS

Spectre.css is a lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework. Spectre is a side project based on years of CSS development work on a large web service project. Spectre only includes modern base styles, responsive layout system, CSS components and utilities, and it can be modified for your project with Sass/Scss compiler.

motherplate - A bare bones responsive SCSS boilerplate for web designers

  •    CSS

This is a bare bones HTML/CSS framework. This is what I'll typically start off most web projects with. It includes a CSS reset and a bunch of minimal boilerplate styles that should come in useful for any project, including a responsive grid, typography, buttons, icons and forms.

react-native-super-grid - Responsive Grid View for React Native

  •    Javascript

Responsive Grid View for React Native. This component renders a Grid View that adapts itself to various screen resolutions.

bootstrap-grid-ms - Missing grid range in Bootstrap 3, micro-small from 480-767px.

  •    CSS

The missing grid range in Bootstrap 3, below sm, from 480 to 767 pixels, redefining xs to less than 480 pixels. Using LESS or SCSS/Sass, you can redefine the default Bootstrap breakpoints, and bootstrap-grid-ms will respect those.

gutter-grid - A Sass flexbox based grid system that is able to replicate CSS grid-gap in IE11

  •    HTML

CSS Grid is now implemented in all modern browsers. All of our layout dreams have come true! ... Well almost all of them. Unfortunately IE11 still holds a fairly significant market share and it doesn't support the modern implementation of CSS Grid. It can be difficult to get people on board with the idea of allowing IE to look different to modern browsers. That is especially the case if the site you are building is an intranet with a 90% IE user base.

responsive-css-grid - A super-lightweight, responsive, 8-column grid based on box-sizing

  •    CSS

A super-lightweight, responsive, 8-column grid based on box-sizing. Issues with the output should be reported on the responsive-css-grid issue tracker.

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