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preload-webpack-plugin - A webpack plugin for injecting <link rel='preload|prefecth'> into HtmlWebpackPlugin pages, with async chunk support

  •    Javascript

A Webpack plugin for automatically wiring up asynchronous (and other types) of JavaScript chunks using <link rel='preload'>. This helps with lazy-loading. Note: This is an extension plugin for html-webpack-plugin - a plugin that simplifies the creation of HTML files to serve your webpack bundles.

wp-better-resource-hints - A WordPress plugin to help better manage resource hinting (preloading, prefetching, server pushing)

  •    PHP

Easy preloading, prefetching, HTTP/2 server pushing, and more for your CSS and JavaScript. Better Resource Hints will make your WordPress site or application faster and generally more performant by intelligently leveraging resource hints like prefetch, preload, preconnect, and server push.