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retro-board - Retrospective Board

  •    Javascript

This is a Retrospective Idea board, powering retrospected.com. This project is both an actual product, and also a technology demo using the latest and greatest JavaScript libraries of the month.

react-ssr-setup - React Starter Project with Webpack 4, Babel 7, Flow, CSS Modules, Server Side Rendering, i18n and some more niceties

  •    Javascript

This is just another React Starter Project as there are literally hundreds of others out there. The reason I created this one was to have one central repo I can base my own future projects on, which contains most of the packages I usually use, is easily extendable, and uses all the (very opinionated) configs and settings how I like them. A few things might be familiar when you've worked with other starter projects before. I borrowed a few ideas (and will continue to do so) from Create-React-App and other great starter projects because my intention was to create an up-to-date and opinionated starter project for myself and not to completely reinvent the wheel in every possible way.

bouchon - Efficient API mocking with cool libraries.

  •    Javascript

Efficient API mocking with cool libraries. Bouchon provides a way to make mocks easily with redux and reselect.

beautiful-react-redux - Redux 🚀, Redux 🤘, Redux 🔥

  •    Javascript

Automagically enhances, even enchants redux connect, to be more concrete - mapStateToProps, wrapping it with memoize-state to sky-rocket your application. Just import beautiful-react-redux and forget about reselect and any other selector memoization. Now your application will runs like it has MobX underneath.

why-did-you-update-redux - Patch Redux to discover unnecessary re-renders

  •    Javascript

Why did you update is a function that monkey patches Redux and notifies you in the console when potentially unnecessary re-renders occur due to a unnecessary update from mapStateToProps. This library is available on npm, install it with: npm install --save why-did-you-update-redux or yarn add why-did-you-update-redux.

reselect-map - Selectors for mapping over collections

  •    Javascript

Selectors for mapping over collections. This package exposes a few special selector creators. They're mostly the same as reselect's createSelector, with one major difference: the first dependency gets mapped over.

advanced-redux - A messenger service built with Redux

  •    Javascript

Before trying any of the technique below, make sure your application is correctly coded.

reselect_dart - Efficiently derive data from your Redux Store

  •    Dart

A Selector library for Dart, based on the original Reselect JavaScript library. Note: This library and examples are geared toward Redux, but can really work with any Redux implementation or data source.

docker-postgres-react-redux-graphql-hmr-ssr-kit - Production ready full stack starter kit

  •    Javascript

This is a meta framework, framework. A project made up of specific technologies that are easily interchangable. Docker: - This is where our stack starts our app is split up into three containers an Nginx container for serving static files, a Node.js container for the backend and a Postgres container for our database. This also enables for cross platform development and deployment. Robust, Flexible and Dead Simple.

web-app-starter - Web App Starter using WebComponents, Lit-Html, Redux, Typescript and Rollup

  •    TypeScript

A skeleton application showing a "modern" web app project based on Web-Components enhanced with Lit-Html for template rendering and using Redux for state with Universal Router for routing and Firebase Firestore for storage. All developed in Typescript and built using Rollup.


  •    Javascript

selectorator is an abstraction API for creating selectors via reselect with less boilerplate code. Versions of selectorator on the 3.x.x versions will use the 3.x.x version of reselect as a dependency, and all major versions of selectorator will match the major versions of reselect going forward. If you wish to still use the 2.x.x branch of reselect for your application, then you should continue using the 1.x.x branch of selectorator. All future enhancements will be made to both branches, unless they are version-specific.