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papers-I-read - A-Paper-A-Week

  •    CSS

I am trying a new initiative - a-paper-a-week. This repository will hold all those papers and related summaries and notes.

rrtools - rrtools: Tools for Writing Reproducible Research in R

  •    R

The goal of rrtools is to provide instructions, templates, and functions for making a basic compendium suitable for writing reproducible research with R. This package documents the key steps and provides convenient functions for quickly creating a new research compendium. The approach is based generally on Kitzes et al. (2017), and more specifically on Marwick (2017), Marwick et al. (2017), and Wickham’s (2017) work using the R package structure as the basis for a research compendium. rrtools provides a template for doing scholarly writing in a literate programming environment using R Markdown and bookdown. It also allows for isolation of your computational environment using Docker, package versioning using MRAN, and continuous integration using Travis. It makes a convenient starting point for writing a journal article, report, or thesis.

tableone - Create "Table 1" for research papers in Python

  •    Jupyter

tableone is a package for creating "Table 1" summary statistics for a patient population. It was inspired by the R package of the same name by Yoshida and Bohn. For documentation, see: http://tableone.readthedocs.io/en/latest/. An executable demonstration of the package is available as a Jupyter Notebook: https://github.com/tompollard/tableone/blob/master/tableone.ipynb. A paper describing our motivations for creating the package is available at: https://doi.org/10.1093/jamiaopen/ooy012.