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athenapdf - Drop-in replacement for wkhtmltopdf built on Go, Electron and Docker

  •    Go

Simple, Docker-powered PDF conversions.Athena is comprised of an Electron command line interface (CLI) tool, and a Go microservice for converting HTML to PDF documents.

a11y - Accessibility audit tooling for the web (beta)

  •    Javascript

PhantomJS, which is used for generating the screenshots, is installed automagically, but in some rare cases it might fail to and you'll get an Error: spawn EACCES error. Download PhantomJS manually and reinstall a11y if that happens.

plato - JavaScript source code visualization, static analysis, and complexity tool

  •    Javascript

plato was updated to support es6 by @devcrust, but needs an active maintainer to keep it moving forward. Visualize JavaScript source complexity with plato.

good - hapi process monitoring

  •    Javascript

good is a hapi plugin to monitor and report on a variety of hapi server events as well as ops information from the host machine. It listens for events emitted by hapi server instances and pushes standardized events to a collection of streams.See the Reporter Interface section of the API documentation on how to configure reporters.

FastReport - Reporting tool for

  •    CSharp

FastReport provides open source report generator for .NET Core 2.x/.NET Framework 4.x. You can use the FastReport in MVC, Web API applications. FastReport is written in C# and it is compatible with .NET Standard 2.0 and higher. Extendable FastReport architecture allows creating your own objects, export filters, wizards and DB engines.

BlackWidow - A Python based web application scanner to gather OSINT and fuzz for OWASP vulnerabilities on a target website

  •    Python

BlackWidow is a python based web application spider to gather subdomains, URL's, dynamic parameters, email addresses and phone numbers from a target website. This project also includes Inject-X fuzzer to scan dynamic URL's for common OWASP vulnerabilities. This software is released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. See LICENSE.md for details.

flow-coverage-report - Generate flow coverage reports in JSON, HTML and in the console.

  •    Javascript

flow-coverage-report is a node command line tool to help projects which are using flow types in their JavaScript code to keep track and visualize the coverage of the flow types checks.

Ping Recorder


A c# console application which is very similar to the ping.exe operating system command, but it outputs to a csv file. The csv file can then be used to produce a report including a line graph in Microsoft Excel. This makes it easier to report on network bandwidth to management.

.Net Exception Reporter

  •    DotNet

A reusable and extensible exception reporter for Microsoft .NET projects.

awesome crm audit


This audit report show case crm user summary user wise entity wise attached guide for further record reference Note : This report involves 1. creation of SP

Hyper-v VHost and VM Inventory Reports


Get a detailed inventory/report from your VHost and it's VMs. Powershell script that dumps the report as a test file.

invoicer - generate pdf invoices from json

  •    Javascript

The first time you run invoicer you will be prompted to enter your name, address, email, and currency.Once invoicer finishes you will have a fancy invoice.pdf.

good-broadcast - Broadcast to subscribers with an external process that were logged with Good

  •    Javascript

Sending issuing kill -SIGUSR2 PID, where PID is the running broadcast script. You can get the PID with the following linux command ps auxww | grep node.

docx-templates - Template-based docx report creation

  •    Javascript

Template-based docx report creation (blog post) for both Node and the browser.Your resolver callback will receive the query embedded in the template (in a QUERY command) as an argument.

module-usage - See how a module is used in npm.

  •    Javascript

See how a module is used in npm.Pass opts.registry to overwrite the default npm registry location.

electron-unhandled - Catch unhandled errors and promise rejections in your Electron app

  •    Javascript

You can use this module directly in both the main and renderer process.You probably want to call this both in the main process and any renderer processes to catch all possible errors.

grunt-eslint - Validate files with ESLint

  •    Javascript

See the ESLint options.Name of a built-in formatter or path to a custom one.

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