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repo - Fedora 中文社区软件源

  •    DIGITAL

Fedora 中文社区软件源

hall-of-fame - :trophy: Show some love to your contributors! A widget for your repo README

  •    Python

Hall-of-fame helps you show some love to your contributors. It automatically highlights your new, trending, and top contributors, and updates every hour. You can put this widget anywhere inside your README, e.g. to "Contributing" section. No maintenance is required. Every hour, Hall-of-fame looks into recent commits of your repo using GitHub API. It then selects three categories of contributors: new (those who made their first commit to your repo in the last 7 days), trending (those with most commits in the last 7 days), and top (those with most commits of all time). It then selects up to three new contributors, up to 4 trending contributors, and if total is less than 7, it fill up the remaining spots with top contributors.

ghwd - Open the github URL that matches your shell's current branch and working directory

  •    Shell

A shell command to open a git URL in your browser that matches your shell's current branch and working directory. Works for GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab repositories. Runs on Mac, Linux, Cygwin, and Windows.

repokemon - Showcase of GitHub repos with Pokémon names

  •    CSS

Showcase of GitHub repos with Pokémon names. Pokémon data and images are extracted from the official Pokédex web site. All Pokémon content is © Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokémon Company.

audit - For auditing what collaborators, hooks, and deploy keys you have added on all your GitHub repositories

  •    Go

For checking what collaborators, hooks, deploy keys, and protected branches you have added on all your GitHub repositories. This also scans all an organization's repos you have permission to view. Because nobody has enough RAM in their brain to remember this stuff for 100+ repos. Check out genuinetools/pepper for setting all your GitHub repo's master branches to be protected. Pepper even has settings for organizations and a dry-run flag for the paranoid.

remote-git-tags - Get tags from a remote git repo. Using only JS. No git binary required.

  •    Javascript

Like git ls-remote, which doesn't require cloning the repo, but this is 100% JavaScript, meaning no dependency on the Git binary.Really just some minor glue to @chrisdickinson's awesome work on reimplementing Git in JavaScript.

gh-api-stream - streams JSON content from a GitHub API

  •    Javascript

Streams paginated JSON from a GitHub API.For a non-streamed and browser-friendly alternative, see gh-api.

git-ps1 - A simple command line prompt enhancer that shows the state of the current git repo (ps1)

  •    Shell

A simple command line prompt enhancer that shows the state of the current git repo (ps1).If the health of your git repository is ok, git-ps1 will just show you the current branch. If the health is bad, git-ps1 will also show 👎 next to the branch.

git-state - Get the current state of any git repository

  •    Javascript

Get the current state of any git repository.Calls the callback with a boolean which is either true or false depending on if the given path contains a git repository.

node-github-download - Easily download Github repos without dependencies such as Git, Tar, Unzip, etc

  •    Javascript

Easily download Github repos without any external dependencies such as Git, Tar, Unzip, etc.I really like the concept of managing user defined projects, repos, file structures (package management) on Github like the way that Component does package management. I have a package management system Rock that I use to create skeleton/templates of projects. I wanted Rock to use Github as a package management system. I also didn't want any dependencies amongst any 3rd party programs like Git, Tar, or Unzip. Pure Node.js JavaScript is what I wanted.

github-add-collab - Add collaborators to GitHub repos

  •    Javascript

Returns a promise for an array.Username to add as collaborator.

github-remove-forks - Remove all forked repositories

  •    Javascript

Returns a promise for an Array with the removed repositories.Token to authenticate with. If you don't have a token you can generate a new one here.

github-repositories - Get all GitHub repos from a user

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise for an Array with the the repositories.Username to fetch repos from.

ghrepo - :octocat: create a new GitHub repo from your current folder

  •    Javascript

Creates a new GitHub repository from your current folder, and then runs the initial git commands to commit and push the contents. If the folder has a package.json it will pull the repo's description, name and homepage from that.The example below pushes the contents of my-module to a new GitHub repository with the specified commit message. On first run, it will prompt for authentication.

hide-files-on-github - Chrome extension - Hide nonessential files from the GitHub file browser

  •    Javascript

You can customize which files to hide and you can make it more minimal in the extension's options page.Install it from the Chrome Web Store or manually.

gh-home - Open the GitHub page of the given or current directory repo

  •    Javascript

It will attempt to open the upstream repo if there is one or the forked repo.Add alias gh=gh-home to your .zshrc/.bashrc, so that you can run it with $ gh instead.

git-history - stream git history

  •    Javascript

Return a stream of 'data' events with commit objects of all the commit properties.If you pipe to the stream on the present tick you can pipe git log data directly to this parser. Otherwise git log will be called automatically.

definition-tester - DefinitelyTyped repository testing infrastructure

  •    TypeScript

Probably only usable as a dependency of DefinitelyTyped.See the Gruntfile.js for additional commands.

bitbucket-url-to-object - A node module that extracts useful properties like user, repo, and branch from various flavors of Bitbucket URLs

  •    Javascript

A node module that extracts useful properties like user and repo from various flavors of bitbucket URLs. There's also a GitHub equivalent to this library: github-url-to-object.

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