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replace - [UNMAINTAINED] Command line search and replace utility

  •    Javascript

You can now use replace and search from the command line.

grasp - JavaScript structural search, replace, and refactor

  •    LiveScript

JavaScript structural search, replace, and refactor. Demo, documentation, and more: graspjs.com.

gulp-replace - A string replace plugin for gulp

  •    Javascript

gulp-replace can be called with a string or regex. The string to search for.

gulp-rev-replace - Rewrite occurences of filenames which have been renamed by gulp-rev

  •    Javascript

Pipe through a stream which has both the files you want to be updated, as well as the files which have been renamed. For example, we can use gulp-useref to concatenate assets in an index.html, and then use gulp-rev and gulp-rev-replace to cache-bust them.

grunt-replace - Replace text patterns with applause.

  •    Javascript

Replace text patterns with applause. Define patterns that will be used to replace the contents of source files.

WPF Theme Replacer

  •    WPF

This library allows users to provide their own resource dictionaries to replace the default theme dictionaries loaded by WPF. This will make it so you don't have to decorate custom styles with BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type ...}}" and other benefits.

grunt-text-replace - General purpose text replacement for grunt

  •    Javascript

Replace text in files using strings, regexs or functions. replace is the top level task that goes in your grunt.initConfig({}). It is a multi-task, meaning that it must contain targets, which you can name anything you like.


  •    JQuery

DAlert Jquery Plugin - A simple dialog box plugin has the simple behaviour as the original Javascript alert. You can also replace the original alert() as you wish with just calling a function in the dalert.ReplaceAlert();

grunt-ngsrc - Find and add your Angular.js source files into index.html automatically

  •    Javascript

Find and add angular.js files to index.html automatically and in correct order (also applicable for source files of any other framework). Great for development builds, inspired by usemin which is strongly recommended for handling of production builds.This plugin requires Grunt.

node-emojis - Replaces emoji codes to images.

  •    Javascript

Replaces emoji codes (like :smiley:) for emoji images (like 😃) or unicode characters (like 😃).The emoji codes used are the ones on Emoji cheat sheet. Their images are also provided here for you to use (images.zip), but consider its copyright.

replace-string - Replace all substring matches in a string

  •    Javascript

Similar to String#replace(), but supports replacing multiple matches. You could achieve something similar by putting the string in a RegExp constructor with the global flag and passing it to String#replace(), but you would then have to first escape the string anyways.Returns a new string with all needle matches replaced with replacement.

react-string-replace - A simple way to safely do string replacement with React components

  •    Javascript

See the example/ directory for a runnable example.I wanted an easy way to do string replacement a la String.prototype.replace within React components without breaking React's built in string escaping functionality. This meant standard string replacement combined with dangerouslySetInnerHTML was out of the question.

ng-filters - Awesome generic angular filters

  •    Javascript

###percentage Returns a number formatted as a percentage. Numbers between 0 and 1 will be rounded up to 10th decimal place.I used Restangular as a template for this project as no one has yet to create a project template for new projects. The bytes filter originated from Thom Seddon before some improvements were made.

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