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vantage - Distributed, realtime CLI for live Node apps.

  •    Javascript

Vantage gives you a new perspective into your live node application not previously available.An extension of Vorpal, Vantage turns your live Node app into a immersive CLI. Accessible remotely or locally, Vantage lets you build your own API for your application and import community extensions, introducing a new means of live diagnostics and activity for your dev and prod environments.

vorpal - Node's framework for interactive CLIs

  •    Javascript

Conquer the command-line.Vorpal is Node's first framework for building interactive CLI applications. With a simple and powerful API, Vorpal opens the door to a new breed of rich, immersive CLI environments like cash and wat.

psysh - A REPL for PHP

  •    PHP

PsySH is a runtime developer console, interactive debugger and REPL for PHP. Learn more at psysh.org and in the manual.



htty is the HTTP TTY, a console application for interacting with web servers.

konch - Configures your Python shell.

  •    Python

konch is a CLI and configuration utility for the Python shell, optimized for simplicity and productivity.

WinREPL - x86 and x64 assembly "read-eval-print loop" shell for Windows

  •    C++

WinREPL is a "read-eval-print loop" shell on Windows that is useful for testing/learning x86 and x64 assembly. zerosum0x0/WinREPL is similar to yrp604/rappel (Linux) and Tyilo/asm_repl (Mac), but with a slightly different methodology that should allow for tricks such as self-modifying shellcode crypting/encoding. There is also enferex/asrepl for a Unicorn (emulated) version, but WinREPL is completely native inside a Windows process context.

node-mongovi - Cli for MongoDB with vi key bindings

  •    Javascript

DEPRECATION NOTICE: This package is deprecated. For Debian, Ubuntu and macOS I've released a successor to node-mongovi: mongovi. Mongovi is a small REPL for MongoDB with vi key bindings. See the list of supported methods by node-mongodb-native. And the list of supported vi key bindings by readline-vim.

fancyline - Readline-esque library with fancy features

  •    Crystal

Let's build a simple system shell. We want it to do syntax highlighting, do tab-autocompletion, and show a quicktip about the current command. We're focusing on the REPL part, so we'll stick to using system() to use /bin/sh to handle pipes etc.. Don't want to paste all of these yourself? Fear not, check out samples/tutorial/.

flask-konch - An improved shell command for the Flask CLI

  •    Python

Flask-Konch adds an improved shell command, flask konch, to the Flask CLI. Flask-Konch uses konch, a shell configuration utility, under the hood.

local-repl - 🐚 Project-specific configuration for the Node.js REPL

  •    Javascript

Project-specific REPLs for Node.js. local-repl allows you to automatically import modules and values into your REPL sessions with simple configuration in your project's package.json and/or .replrc.js. Add the following to package.json. Note: lodash is used as an example here; it is not required to use local-repl.

murex - Multi-platform REPL shell designed for readability and safer shell scripting / one liners than Bash

  •    Go

murex is a cross-platform shell like Bash but with greater emphasis on writing safe shell scripts and powerful one-liners while maintaining readability. The language supports multiple data types, with JSON, CSV, S-Expressions, etc support as a native data type. This makes passing data through the pipeline easier when dealing with more complex arrangements of data than a simple byte stream when compared to standard shells like Bash.

racket-rash - The Reckless Racket Shell

  •    Racket

Rash is a shell language, library, and REPL for Racket. Use as a repl that is as convenient for pipelining programs as Bash is, but has all the power of Racket. Use as a scripting language with #lang rash. Embed in normal Racket files with (require rash), and mix freely with any other Racket language or library.

shall - A CLI and REPL for invoking shell scripts or commands with multiple POSIX-like shells for portability testing

  •    Shell

shall is a Unix CLI and REPL for invoking shell scripts or commands with multiple POSIX-like shells for portability testing. shall (for ***sh***ell with all (POSIX-like) shells) offers a convenient way of running a given shell script or shell command with a default set or specifiable set of POSIX-like shells, so as to facilitate testing of portable (POSIX-compliant, cross-shell) shell code.

perli - Multi-platform Perl REPL

  •    Perl

perli is a multi-platform Perl REPL (read-eval-print-loop) for interactive experimentation with Perl code, convenient documentation lookups, and quick computations. On Unix-like platforms, perli makes use of the rlwrap utility to provide command-line editing support, persistent command history, and tab-completion; see the Installation chapter below.