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gomacro - Interactive Go interpreter and debugger with REPL, Eval, generics and Lisp-like macros

  •    Go

gomacro is an almost complete Go interpreter, implemented in pure Go. It offers both an interactive REPL and a scripting mode, and does not require a Go toolchain at runtime (except in one very specific case: import of a 3rd party package at runtime). press TAB to autocomplete a word, and press it again to cycle on possible completions.

kubeplay - kubeplay – a new way to interact with Kubernetes API from your terminal

  •    Go

If you like this project, please checkout TODOs and open an issue if you'd like to contribute or discuss anything in particular. Each of these can be used with index operator, e.g. services[10], as well as first, last and any methonds. Any resource object can be converted to a JSON string with to_json method, or a Ruby object with to_ruby.

kubectl-repl - 💁 Improves on kubectl by persisting current namespace and adding variables.

  •    Go

Wrap kubectl with namespace and variables. Download latest release for your platform from https://github.com/Mikulas/kubectl-repl/releases. It's recommended to use rlwrap in combination with kubectl-repl, such as rlwrap kubectl-repl. This adds prompt history, search, buffering etc.

lgo - Go (golang) Jupyter Notebook kernel and an interactive REPL

  •    Go

Thanks to binder (mybinder.org), you can try lgo on your browsers with temporary docker containers on binder. Open your temporary Jupyter Notebook from the button above and enjoy lgo.

box - A Next-Generation Builder for Docker Images

  •    Go

Box is a builder for docker that gives you the power of mruby, a limited, embeddable ruby. It allows for notions of conditionals, loops, and data structures for use within your builder plan. If you've written a Dockerfile before, writing a box build plan is easy. Box uses the mruby programming language. It does this to get a solid language syntax, functions, variables and more. However, it is not a fully featured Ruby such as MRI and contains almost zero standard library functionality, allowing for only the basic types, and no I/O operations outside of the box DSL are permitted.

ijq - interactive jq, a REPL

  •    Go

interactive jq, a REPL

murex - Multi-platform REPL shell designed for readability and safer shell scripting / one liners than Bash

  •    Go

murex is a cross-platform shell like Bash but with greater emphasis on writing safe shell scripts and powerful one-liners while maintaining readability. The language supports multiple data types, with JSON, CSV, S-Expressions, etc support as a native data type. This makes passing data through the pipeline easier when dealing with more complex arrangements of data than a simple byte stream when compared to standard shells like Bash.

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