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react-show-more - A unopinionated component to handle showing more items

  •    Javascript

@tedconf/react-show-more does just that while giving you complete control of your style by using render props.

react-on-time - Renderless composable ⏰timers and ⏱intervals

  •    TypeScript

Power timers to play schedule like a fiddle. Renderless timers and intervals for delayed rendering, complex animation and orchestration.

react-callbag-listener - 👂 A React render-prop component that listens to values emitted by callbags

  •    Javascript

You provide any number of callbags as props to 👂 React Callbag Listener, and the render function given as children will be rendered whenever any of them changes. That's it. There are no other options or API to document. The object given to your render prop will have the same keys as you passed as callbag props.

react-polymorph - React components with highly customizable logic, markup and styles.

  •    Javascript

React Polymorph is a UI framework for React, that separates logic, markup and theming of components. It's inspired by react-toolbox (but more flexible), powered by CSS Modules and harmoniously integrates with your webpack workflow, although you can use any other module bundler. Each component's skin that you apply to your component will receive its styles (css/scss) via a theme. React-polymorph comes with Simple themes & skins out of the box, but all themes are completely customizable.

stickyard - Make your React component sticky the easy way

  •    Javascript

The ref-register must be passed to the real DOM node, so if the component is a wrapper uppon DOM node, you need to register it to the underlying DOM node, using innerRef or something like that if provided. The className to be attached to the element when it's sticky.

react-renderless - Utilities for creating and working with renderless React components

  •    Javascript

Utilities for creating and working with renderless React components. What is a "renderless component"? A renderless component is the opposite of a stateless component. It does not implement a render method. Instead, renderless components are composed with stateless functional components to create UI elements.

eitherx - :pill: Your go-to, prescribed, error-boundary component for React

  •    Javascript

💊 Super simple, reusable binary error boundaries for React. Your go-to, prescribed, error-boundary helper. Eitherx either renders the first child component, unless an error occurred while rendering, then the second child is rendered. Easy enough 😄.

router-suspense - The suspense-friendly minimalistic sister of React Router 4.

  •    Javascript

A suspense-friendly minimalistic sister of React Router. As of now, this is a very basic router that works in async-land.

vuejs-redux - High order component facilities for Vue and Redux

  •    Javascript

Simple binding between Vue and Redux, allowing use of multiple stores. It works, in the same way, like render props does in React. It uses Scoped Slot - read my article about it. Note: The previous version was using Higher Order Components (HOC); this version uses Scoped slots instead. No more magic with the connect methods. Everything is explicit which will prevent props collision and an ugly trick with the render function.

react-paginating - Simple, lightweight, flexible pagination ReactJS component ⏮⏪1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣⏩⏭

  •    Javascript

During development, we were facing problems supporting server-rendering of our web app & SEO (require pagination links). To solve that, we had to add 2 snippets of code, one to support the server-side and another to support the client-side which lead to being hard for maintenance. Most of the pagination libraries only support client-rendering by attaching event handlers on the pagination button to redirect. Because of that, we created this library which allows flexibly to customize behaviors (attaching event handlers or href attribute) and user interface. The component applied Render Props pattern. (You can read more about this pattern here).

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