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massren - massren - easily rename multiple files using your text editor

  •    Go

Massren is a command line tool that can be used to rename multiple files using your own text editor. Multiple-rename tools are usually difficult to use from the command line since any regular expression needs to be escaped, and each tool uses its own syntax and flavor of regex. The advantage of massren is that you are using the text editor you use every day, and so can use all its features. The tool works by creating a file that contains the filenames of the target directory, and opening this file in the text editor. You can then modify the filenames there directly. Once done, save the text file and the files will be renamed. Lines that are not changed will simply be ignored.

simple renamer

  •    CSharp

Simple Renamer is an application to rename file and folders. with this app you can rename files with replace part of file. and you can add to the end or first.

demlo - [MOVED TO GITLAB] A dynamic and extensible music library organizer

  •    Go

Demlo is a music library organizer. It can encode, fix case, change folder hierarchy according to tags or file properties, tag from an online database, copy covers while ignoring duplicates or those below a quality threshold, and much more. It makes it possible to manage your libraries uniformly and dynamically. You can write your own rules to fit your needs best. Here follows a sample output showing the "before-after" differences.

ebook_renamer - Rename multiple ebooks (pdf, epub, mobi) based on embedded meta-data.

  •    Ruby

Bulk rename of ebook files (epub,mobi,pdf) using embedded meta-data (title, author(s)). This version depends on the opensource software called Calibre that comes with Calibre CLI which is very easy to install on OSX or Linux system. Release based on Semantic Versioning version.

node-rename-cli - A tool for renaming files quickly, especially multiple files at once.

  •    Javascript

A cross-platform tool for renaming files quickly, especially multiple files at once. The new file name does not need to contain a file extension. If you do not specifiy a file extension the original file extension will be preserved. Note: if you include periods in your new file name, you should include a file extension to prevent whatever is after the last period from becoming the new extension.