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spotify-dedup - Remove duplicates from your Spotify Playlists

  •    Javascript

Have you ever wanted to remove duplicated tracks from your Spotify Playlists? Now you can detect and remove them using Spotify dedup. This project uses the Spotify Web API for managing playlists. Just log in and it will traverse your playlists, finding tracks that appear multiple times with the same identifier (Spotify URI) in a given playlist.

CleanHeaders-Xcode - A Xcode Source Editor Extension to sort your header imports and remove duplicates, similar to iSort

  •    Objective-C

An Xcode plug-in to format your import headers in a systematic manner. It simply removes duplicates, spaces and sorts them alphabetically making it much more easier to read and avoid duplicate imports. Works with @imports, #include, #import and import. Select the option from Editor > Clean Headers > Sort Headers. You can add shortcuts from Xcode preferences.

grunt-css-purge - Grunt plugin to run CSS-Purge

  •    Javascript

Purges duplicate CSS rules and more. Based on css-purge. This is a simple grunt plugin, which means it’s a thin wrapper around css-purge. If you are having CSS issues, please contact css-purge. Please only create a new issue if it looks like you’re having a problem with the grunt plugin.

dedupe - easy deduplication of array values

  •    Javascript

removes duplicates from your array. Here the string representation of the object is used for comparism. The mechanism is similar to JSON.stringifing but a bit more efficient. That means that {} is considered egal to {}.