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FeatureFlags - 🚩 Allows developers to configure feature flags, run multiple A/B tests or phase feature roll out using a JSON configuration file

  •    Swift

FeatureFlags makes it easy to configure feature flags, A/B and MVT tests via a JSON file which may be bundled with your app or hosted remotely. For remotely-hosted configuration files, you may enable / disable features without another release to the App Store, update the percentages of users in A/B test groups or even roll out a feature previously under A/B test to 100% of your users once you have decided that the feature is ready for prime time. FeatureFlags 2.0.0 brings support for Swift 5.0. The previous version supporting Swift 4.2 is version 1.7.5.

QtFirebase - An effort to bring Google's Firebase C++ API to Qt + QML

  •    C++

QtFirebase aims to bring all the features of the Firebase C++ SDK to Qt 5 - both as C++ wrappers and as QML components. Please bear in mind that the Firebase C++ SDK currently only supports the mobile platforms Android and iOS.

firebase-remote-config-monitor - Monitors firebase remote config values, posting changes to slack

  •    Javascript

Firebase Cloud Function built on node 8 which will automatically post any changes to Firebase Remote Config to Slack. To use this, you must deploy this as a Firebase Cloud Function. For details on enabling Cloud Functions for Firebase, see Google's documentation. This function will automatically subscribe to Remote Config's onUpdate function and post changes any changes to remote config to the specified Slack channel.

Lobster - 🦐 Type-safe Firebase-RemoteConfig helper library 🦐

  •    Swift

You can get Type-Safed value through subscripting syntax([]) by defining ConfigKey. Use subscripting syntax.