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react-firebase-starter - Boilerplate (seed) project for creating web apps with React

  •    Javascript

React Firebase Starter (RFS) is a popular project template (aka boilerplate) for creating single-page applications with React, Firebase and GraphQL.This project was bootstraped with React Firebase Starter by Kriasoft (get support on Telegram).

isomorphic-relay-app - Example isomorphic React-Relay-(Modern / Classic)-Router app and helper lib that connects to Artsy's GraphQL service, http://metaphysics-staging

  •    Javascript

Example app showing how to isomorphically render a Relay Modern or Classic app. Connects to Artsy's GraphQL server. For more detailed instructions, see the Relay Modern or Relay Classic folders.

relay-modern-network-deep-dive - https://medium

  •    Javascript


ReactNavigationRelayModern - React Navigation integration with Relay

  •    Javascript

This is a sample repository that shows how to integrate React Native with ReactNavigation and Relay Modern.

GraphQL-Client-Exploration - Simple exploration of GraphQL Clients

  •    Javascript

Over the past few weeks a lot of new GraphQL clients were released aiming to give Relay and Apollo a run for their money! It's true, there is still plenty of areas to explore when it comes to GraphQL clients and I hope the result of all this is a "melting pot" of advances in developer experience. I wanted to study how these clients work, so I aimed to implement the same query using different clients and share my experience.

react-relay-network-modern - Relay Modern Network Layer with middlewares — cache, auth, retry, batch, logger, SSR

  •    Javascript

The ReactRelayNetworkModern is a Network Layer for Relay Modern with various middlewares which can manipulate requests/responses on the fly (change auth headers, request url or perform some fallback if request fails), batch several relay request by timeout into one http request, cache queries and server-side rendering. Network Layer for Relay Classic can be found here.

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