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react-firebase-starter - Boilerplate (seed) project for creating web apps with React

  •    Javascript

React Firebase Starter (RFS) is a popular project template (aka boilerplate) for creating single-page applications with React, Firebase and GraphQL.This project was bootstraped with React Firebase Starter by Kriasoft (get support on Telegram).

isomorphic-relay-app - Example isomorphic React-Relay-(Modern / Classic)-Router app and helper lib that connects to Artsy's GraphQL service, http://metaphysics-staging

  •    Javascript

Example app showing how to isomorphically render a Relay Modern or Classic app. Connects to Artsy's GraphQL server. For more detailed instructions, see the Relay Modern or Relay Classic folders.

relay-modern-network-deep-dive - https://medium

  •    Javascript


protostar-relay - Open-source iteration of the official Relay devtool.

  •    Javascript

Get it on the Chrome Extension Store: coming soon. This project is licensed under the MIT License- see the LICENSE.md for more details.

ReactNavigationRelayModern - React Navigation integration with Relay

  •    Javascript

This is a sample repository that shows how to integrate React Native with ReactNavigation and Relay Modern.

GraphQL-Client-Exploration - Simple exploration of GraphQL Clients

  •    Javascript

Over the past few weeks a lot of new GraphQL clients were released aiming to give Relay and Apollo a run for their money! It's true, there is still plenty of areas to explore when it comes to GraphQL clients and I hope the result of all this is a "melting pot" of advances in developer experience. I wanted to study how these clients work, so I aimed to implement the same query using different clients and share my experience.

react-relay-network-modern - Relay Modern Network Layer with middlewares — cache, auth, retry, batch, logger, SSR

  •    Javascript

The ReactRelayNetworkModern is a Network Layer for Relay Modern with various middlewares which can manipulate requests/responses on the fly (change auth headers, request url or perform some fallback if request fails), batch several relay request by timeout into one http request, cache queries and server-side rendering. Network Layer for Relay Classic can be found here.

react-relay-rebind - Component-scope state management for Relay modern & React.

  •    Javascript

React relay rebind is a component-scope state management for Relay modern & React. React-Relay-Rebind is a local state managment for React components which use Relay. Focus of React Relay Rebind is to handle data resolved with Relay mutations and provide it to a component. Component will recieve a state prop for each rebinded mutation. The API declaratively passes down state to components thus simplifying the data flow. The common usecase is non-persistent/local data (e.g UI state) which does not belong and does not deserve to be mixed with persistent data.

relay-modern-boilerplate - An application serving as a PostGraphile + Relay Modern crash course.

  •    TypeScript

This repo is used in my talk Reintroducing Relay Modern where I talk about the overlooked beauties of Relay. To keep the talk consistent and in sync, this repo will not be updated any further. However, if you are interested in how this would look like today or how it can become an actual project, check out heltin 👀 .

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