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muze - Composable data visualisation library for web with a data-first approach now powered by WebAssembly

  •    Javascript

Muze is a free data visualization library for creating exploratory data visualizations (like Tableau) in browser, using WebAssembly. It uses a layered Grammar of Graphics (GoG) to create composable and interactive data visualization for web. It is ideal for use in visual analytics dashboards & applications to create highly performant, interactive, multi-dimensional, and composable visualizations. It uses a data-first approach to define the constructs and layers of the chart, automatically generates cross-chart interactivity, and allows you to over-ride any behavior or interaction on the chart.

jsrel - SQLless RDB written in Pure JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Available in modern browsers, Node.js and Titanium(NEW!).

loopback-counts-mixin - A mixin to enable get count of related models for a loopback Model.

  •    Javascript

A mixin to enable get count of related models for a loopback Model. In your server/server.js file add the following line before the boot(app, __dirname); line.

mutable - State containers with dirty checking and more

  •    Javascript

Mutable is a mobx-compatible class system library. Mutable offers a unique runtime schema engine that enforces unidirectional data flow, and formalizes the structure of props and state. Mutable also supports data defaults, and non-nullable types. Integrating mutable into React components is up to the user.

datamodel - Relational algebra compliant in memory tabular data store.

  •    Javascript

DataModel is an in-browser representation of tabular data. It uses WebAssembly for high performance and works seamlessly with any JavaScript library. It supports Relational Algebra operators which enable you to run select, group, sort (and many more) operations on the data. The current version performs all the data operations like filtering, aggregation, etc. on WebAssembly which gives a 10x performance boost compared to the old JavaScript version.

bookshelf-relations - A bookshelf plugin which handles relationships.

  •    Javascript

Insert, update and remove relationships on your Bookshelf models. This plugin supports all relationship types: belongs-to, belongs-to-many has-one and has-many. Take a look at the plugin configuration in Ghost.

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