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lib - StdLib API Development, Deployment, and Management Tools

  •    Javascript

StdLib is based on Function as a Service ("server-less") architecture, popularized by AWS Lambda. You can use StdLib to build modular, scalable APIs for yourself and other developers in minutes without having to manage servers, gateways, domains, write documentation, or build SDKs. Your development workflow has never been easier - focus on writing code you love, let StdLib handle everything else. You can view services published by our large and growing developer community on the StdLib search page.

seaport - semver service registry for clusters

  •    Javascript

Seaport stores (host,port) combos (and other metadata) for you so you won't need to spend so much effort keeping configuration files current as your architecture grows to span many processes on many machines. Just register your services with seaport and then query seaport to see where your services are running.In this example we'll register a service with seaport and then elsewhere connect to it.

framer-modules - Discover, install and save your favorite modules at one place

  •    Javascript

Looking for the right module used to be time-consuming and annoying—you didn't know if a module for the job exists, you weren't sure where to look for it and you had to manually download and move the files just to try things out. Tired of downloading and copying modules to the prototype on your own? We all are. That's why installing modules is now so easy even your grandma can do it. Seriously, it's just “press Enter”.

COM Registry Browser


This browser helps to get a quick overview of COM related registry entries and constraints, find orphans or mismatches and to ease cleanup of old stuff. Perfect for developers creating/using COM components to find out what is currently registered and if everything is consist...

package-quality - Measurements of quality for packages, especially for npm

  •    Javascript

Measurements of quality for packages, initially for npm.replacing yourpackage with (surprise!) the name of your package. You can choose between badge or mini-badge; the latter is courtesy of shields.io.

codebox-npm - Serverless private npm registry using https://serverless.com/

  •    Javascript

Codebox npm is a serverless npm registry to allow companies that wish to keep their intellectual property. It allows sharing of npm modules within a company but additionally allows access to all of the modules on public npm. One other major difference is that it replaces npm login authentication to be via github / github enterprise. Users are always required to be authenticated when using codebox as their npm registry. It is currently compatible with the latest version of the npm & yarn cli.

datBase - Open data powered by Dat

  •    Javascript

Open data powered by Dat. Future-friendly apps for your research data pipeline. Hosted at http://datbase.org. Each deployment should have a different secret key. You want to set the secret key for generating password hashes and salts.

reginabox - Registry In A Box

  •    Javascript

reginabox (Registry In A Box) is an easy way to set up an npm registry mirror on your local network, and let local network users know about it.Things are a little trickier on Windows. This project depends on node_mdns which in turn depends on Apple's "Bonjour SDK for Windows." You'll need an Apple Developer account to download the SDK, and the SDK should be installed before you attempt to install reginabox or node_mdns. See the node-mdns installation instructions for more details on installing node_mdns.

registry-url - Get the set npm registry URL

  •    Javascript

It's usually https://registry.npmjs.org/, but configurable.Use this if you do anything with the npm registry as users will expect it to use their configured registry.

package-json - Get metadata of a package from the npm registry

  •    Javascript

Name of the package.Package version such as 1.0.0 or a dist tag such as latest.

docker-registry-server - docker registry server in node.js

  •    Javascript

Docker registry implemented in Node.Per default there is no authentication (meaning everyone can push/pull images). You can use the --user command line option to limit registry access.

browsenpm.org - Browse packages, users, code, stats and more the public npm registry in style.

  •    Javascript

Browse packages, users, code, stats and more the public npm registry in style.Browsenpm.org has several dependencies to run locally for development purposes.

morose - private npm repository and/or proxy server for npmjs.org

  •    TypeScript

Run npm registry or npm proxy on your own servers.morose allows you to have a local npm registry with zero configuration. You don't have to install and replicate an entire CouchDB database. morose keeps its own small database and, if a package doesn't exist there, it asks npmjs.org for it keeping only those packages you use.

available - Scan npm for available package names

  •    Javascript

Get available package names from npm.If opts.online is true, verify that the names are actually available. Otherwise, a local package name database is used, which may be slightly out-of-date.

npm-email - Get the email of an npm user

  •    Javascript

Returns a promise for the user's email address.npm username to look up.