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Windows Vista Registry Shell Namespace Extensions

  •    C++

The Windows Registry Shell Namespace Extension allows Windows Explorer to view and interact with the Windows Registry data via Explorer windows. It demonstrates existing Shell extensibility points like IShellFolder2 and SHCreateShellFolderView and also demonstrates new concep...

driver loader

  •    C++

DRVLOAD.exe is a command line program used for registration and loading into kernel a windows driver, only for current session, up to reboot OS. It's developed in C++.

registry-js - A simple and opinionated library for working with the Windows registry

  •    C++

Note: This is currently in preview, with support for features that GitHub Desktop and Atom require. After exploring other options like invoking PowerShell - which was too slow - we decided to write our own little library to do the stuff we require by invoking the Win32 APIs directly.