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django-s3direct - Add direct uploads to S3 with a progress bar to file input fields

  •    Javascript

Add direct uploads to AWS S3 functionality with a progress bar to file input fields. With 1.0.0 supporting multipart-upload, most of the internals have been changed, a new endpoint has been added, and support has been dropped for old style positional settings. There are also new requirements to allow GET and HEAD cross-origin requests to S3, as well as the ETAG header. Django compatibility has been raised to >=1.8.

awscred - Node.js module to resolve AWS credentials/region using env, ini files and IAM roles

  •    Javascript

A small standalone library to resolve AWS credentials and region details using, in order: environment variables, INI files, and EC2 metadata (for IAM roles). Queues HTTP calls to ensure no thundering herd effect will occur when credentials expire.Resolves AWS credentials and region details, and calls back with an object containing credentials and region properties as highlighted in the example above.

attention - No longer maintained - Node

  •    C++

This repo is no longer maintained or supported, please use sharp instead.This was an experimental Node.js module to help you discover which parts of an image draw the focus of human attention.

bounding-box-overlap-test - test if two n-dimensional bounding boxes overlap

  •    Javascript

Return whether the bounding box a intersects the bounding box b.Bounding boxes are arrays of 2-element [min,max] array pairs, one for each coordinate.

os-locale - Get the system locale

  •    Javascript

Useful for localizing your module or app.POSIX systems: The returned locale refers to the LC_MESSAGE category, suitable for selecting the language used in the user interface for message translation.

point-grouper - group geojson points into containing polygons

  •    Javascript

Then give point-grouper some files. Here we'll provide oakland city council district boundaries for the polygons and oakland street tree data for the points.Create a new grouper.

regions-of-china - The administrative divisions of China(中国省市地区和行政区划数据), provide CSV, SQL, text, Excel and XML data format

  •    Go

The administrative divisions of China, provide CSV, SQL, text, Excel and XML data format.中国行政区划数据. 包括省(直辖市)、市(县)和区, 数据来自"中华人民共和国统计局"官方网站. 数据截止2016年07月31日.

worldpop - Get the population of regions that you draw!

  •    Javascript

Compute the population within a given polygon using the high resolution WorldPop population dataset. Go to http://devseed.com/worldpop and draw some polygons. The WorldPop Data Explorer is a web tool (and underlying Node module) designed to enable useful compuation and analysis using the WorldPop dataset. It makes heavy use of, among other things, Mapbox Vector Tiles, and Turf to enable efficient storage, access to, and computation over the otherwise prohibitively large WorldPop dataset.

date-holidays - worldwide holidays

  •    Javascript

This module provides dates of holidays for various countries, states and regions by type while considering the applicable timezone. If you are missing holidays from your country, state, region please consider contributing.

locale2 - 💪 Try as hard as possible to detect the client's language tag ("locale") in node or the browser

  •    Javascript

A language tag is composed from a sequence of one or more "subtags", each of which refines or narrows the range of language identified by the overall tag. Subtags, in turn, are a sequence of alphanumeric characters (letters and digits), distinguished and separated from other subtags in a tag by a hyphen ("-", [Unicode] U+002D).

h5psd - Converting PSD files into mobile page

  •    Javascript

Converting PSD files into mobile page

aws_list_all - List all your AWS resources, all regions, all services.

  •    Python

List all resources in an AWS account, all regions, all services(*). (*) No guarantees for completeness. Use billing alerts if you are worried about costs.

country-region-data - A source list of countries, regions and shortcodes of each.

  •    Javascript

This repo contains a static JSON file of country names, country short codes, country regions, and country region short codes. All country names and short codes are guaranteed to be unique. Similarly, all regions and region short codes within a single country are guaranteed to be unique. I created this repo to house the raw data used for the country-region-selector, react-country-region-selector scripts. I didn't want to duplicate it in multiple places and hey, it seemed like this could be useful as a standalone repo.

point-in-region - Fast and exact point in region location

  •    Javascript

Locates a point in a collection of regions. Point location is exact, takes O(log(n)) time, and the data structure has a space requirement of O(n log(n)). Preprocesses a collection of regions to answer point location queries efficiently.

aws-lambda-ec2-start-stop - AWS Lambda function that will start and stop EC2 instances

  •    Javascript

AWS Lambda function that will stop or stop EC2 instances that have a tag with the key start-group or stop-group and the value the name of the lambda function. Download the /dist/build.zip file from the latest release and deploy it as a lambda function (use master at your own risk).

russian-geo-data - Actual (2015) Russian regions (adm1) boundaries data in GeoJson and TopoJson format with different simplify factor + SVG previews

  •    Javascript

Actual (2015) Russian regions (adm1) boundaries data in GeoJson and TopoJson format with different simplify factor + SVG previews.

nativescript-mapbox - :statue_of_liberty: :tokyo_tower: :mount_fuji: Native OpenGL powered Maps, by Mapbox

  •    TypeScript

Plugin version 4.2.0 requires iOS 9 or higher. Need to target a lower iOS version? Use a lower plugin version. You need a Mapbox API access token (they have a 🆓 Starter plan!), so sign up with Mapbox. Once you've registered go to your Account > Apps > New token. The 'Default Secret Token' is what you'll need.

IP2Location-C-Library - IP2Location C library enables the user to find the country, region, city, coordinates, zip code, time zone, ISP, domain name, connection type, area code, weather station code, weather station name, mobile, usage types, etc that any IP address or hostname originates from

  •    Shell

IP2Location is a C library that enables the user to find the country, region, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, time zone, ISP, domain name, connection type, area code, weather, mobile network, elevation, usage type by IP address or hostname originates from. The library reads the geo location information from IP2Location BIN data file. Supported IPv4 and IPv6 address.

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