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Fast Invoker


Fast Invoker is small project to create a library that provide a fast and dynamic invoke in run-time. Fast Invoker like .NET Reflection but it's too much better and faster.



The purpose of this project is to easily make entities that can be stored in SharePoint lists. It helps people map their Entities to SharePoint Lists. It contains common classes and a baseclass that falicitates the use of it, implementing the basic CRUD operations


  •    DotNet

Sparrow.NET is an open source application framework that makes building .NET applications easier and quicker.

useless - Use Less. Do More. JavaScript on steroids.

  •    Javascript

In near future, it will be split into several loosely coupled, clean and maintainable NPM modules, for everyone's convenience. Stay tuned. You can override config with command line args, e.g. node example webpack.offline=false, using server/config.js trait.