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gpath - gpath is a Go package to access a field by a path using reflect pacakge

  •    Go

gpath is a Go package to access a field by a path using reflect pacakge.A path is represented by a Go's expression such as A.B.C[0]. You can use selector and index expressions into a path.

es7-reflect-metadata - Webpack and Universal support for reflect-metadata refactored by @gdi2290

  •    HTML

ES7 Polyfill for Metadata Reflection API with Universal and Webpack support

proxy-handlers - Predefined ECMAScript 6 Proxy handlers

  •    Javascript

This library provides a number of subclassable ECMAScript 6 Proxy handlers.The goal is to simplify writing complete and correct Proxy handlers.

p-reflect - Make a promise always fulfill with its actual fulfillment value or rejection reason

  •    Javascript

Useful when you want a promise to fulfill no matter what and would rather handle the actual state afterwards.Here, Promise.all would normally fail early because one of the promises rejects, but by using p-reflect, we can ignore the rejection and handle it later on.

define-property - Define a non-enumerable property on an object.

  •    Javascript

Define a non-enumerable property on an object. Uses Reflect.defineProperty when available, otherwise Object.defineProperty. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

reflect.js - Implementation of Mozilla's Parser API in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Reflect.js is a JavaScript (ES3 compatible) implementation of Mozilla's Parser API. It does not currently support some of Mozilla's extensions, such as generators, list comprehensions, for each, E4X, etc. but may eventually support ones that are, or become Harmony proposals. Builders are also supported. Parsing really large files can be slow, for reasons articulated by Andy Chu.

Kotlin-Reflect-Tools-For-Android - Kotlin reflect tools for Android

  •    Kotlin

This is a tool library for Kotlin to use java reflect APIs in Kotlin simply method on android platform. It can modify or read the top level private visible property value in Kotlin way. To see more usage cases ,you can have a look at the AndroidTest case in project.

Kotlin-Reflect-Tools-For-JVM - Kotlin reflect tools for JVM

  •    Kotlin

This is a tool library for Kotlin to use java reflect APIs in Kotlin simply method.It can modify or read the top level private visible property value in Kotlin way.

reflect2 - reflect api without runtime reflect.Value cost

  •    Go

json-iterator use this package to save runtime dispatching cost. This package is designed for low level libraries to optimize reflection performance. General application should still use reflect standard library. Benchmark is not necessary for this package. It does nothing actually. As it is just a thin wrapper to make go runtime public. Both reflect2 and reflect call same function provided by runtime package exposed by go language.

metaflector - Higher-level reflect-based capabilities for inspecting objects and structs

  •    Go

Go (golang) package which provides reflection abstractions beyond the Go standard library. Metaflector makes it easy to inspect objects and structs, and programmatically access structural data.

reflection - Lightweight (3K) ES Module implementation of reflect-metadata

  •    TypeScript

Lightweight ES Module implementation of reflect-metadata to work with TypeScript's experimental decorator support. The main reason for this library is to provide a much smaller implementation that can be included as a module.

gotype - Golang source code parsing, usage like reflect package

  •    Go

Pouch is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.

go-patch - A library to patch Golang structs with other structs

  •    Go

With go-patch you can selectively update golang structs with values from other structs. patch.Struct updates a destination structure in-place with the same name fields from a supplied patch struct. Fields get matched by their names (case sensitive). Thus patch fields with a name not present in the destination structure are ignored. Zero-value and unexported fields in a patch struct are also ignored.

valast - Convert Go values to their AST

  •    Go

This can be useful for debugging and testing, you may think of it as a more comprehensive and configurable version of the fmt package's %+v and %#v formatting directives. It is similar to e.g. repr in Python. You may also wish to look at autogold and go-cmp, which aim to solve the "compare Go values in a test" problem.

go-clone - Clone any Go data structure deeply and thoroughly.

  •    Go

Package clone provides functions to deep clone any Go data. It also provides a wrapper to protect a pointer from any unexpected mutation. Clone/Slowly can clone unexported fields and "no-copy" structs as well. Use this feature wisely.

go-reflection-examples - Examples of common reflection tasks in Go

  •    Go

A collection of examples using reflection for different tasks such as creating new struct instances or generating function signatures. Please read and browse the code as the examples are designed to be easy to follow. You can clone this repo and run the tests using go test or the auto-testing feature of your editor.

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