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piranha - A tool for refactoring code related to feature flag APIs

  •    Java

Piranha is a tool to automatically refactor code related to stale flags. At a higher level, the input to the tool is the name of the flag and the expected behavior, after specifying a list of APIs related to flags in a properties file. Piranha will use these inputs to automatically refactor the code according to the expected behavior. This repository contains four independent versions of Piranha, one for each of the four supported languages: Java, JavaScript, Objective-C and Swift.

mort - Dead CSS detection

  •    TypeScript

Detects dead CSS. You can use the binaries on the releases page for versions 1.5 and above.

importify - :space_invader: Importi.fy — it's like Uber, but for Haskell modules.

  •    Haskell

importify tool helps you to manage the import section of your Haskell project modules. GHC compiler can warn you about unused imports, and it's a good practice to remove such imports immediately. But this becomes tedious, especially if you use explicit import lists. Importify can remove unused imports automatically.

rascal - The implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language (including interpreter, type checker, parser generator, compiler and JVM based run-time system)

  •    Java

This is the core implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language. It contains the interpreter, the parser generator, the parser run-time, the standard library, the online documentation and the type checker. Rascal is used in practice, but we consider it to be alpha software because we are still improving the language.

laravel-terminator - A package to help you clean up your controllers in laravel

  •    PHP

No need to add any service providers. The fact that MVC frameworks force us to "return a response" from controllers prevents us from simplify controllers beyond a certain point. So we decide to break that jail and bring ourselves freedom.

liquigraph - Migrations for Neo4j

  •    Java

This is Liquigraph for Neo4j 3.x. Please proceed to this page for Neo4j 2.x. Please subscribe here.

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