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  •    CoffeeScript

Coffeescript/Node.js port of Resque. Next, you'll want to setup a worker to handle these jobs.

coffeeq - Node

  •    CoffeeScript

CoffeeQ is a simple queueing library for node.js implemented on top of redis and inspired by resque. It was inspired by Coffee-Resque and implemented to satisfy the needs of a specific development project for a fast backend queueing library. The use of redis build in pub/sub functionality makes the processing of new queue items very fast and eliminates the need to poll redis for changes. CoffeeQ uses redis built in pub/sub functionality and lists to provide a reliable and fast queueing mechanism. A client can enqueue and job which will add the job to a queue and publish a change message to the queue's pub/sub channel, any workers set to work on that queue will try to pickup the job from the queue - only one worker is able to take any given item from a queue.

Orpheus - A Small Object Model for Redis in CoffeeScript

  •    CoffeeScript

Orpheus is a Redis Object Model for CoffeeScript. Orpheus supports all the basic types of Redis: @num, @str, @list, @set, @zset and @hash. Note that strings and numbers are stored inside the model hash. See the wiki for supported commands and key names for each type.