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predis - Flexible and feature-complete Redis client for PHP and HHVM

  •    PHP

Flexible and feature-complete Redis client for PHP >= 5.3 and HHVM >= 2.3.0.Predis does not require any additional C extension by default, but it can be optionally paired with phpiredis to lower the overhead of the serialization and parsing of the Redis RESP Protocol. For an experimental asynchronous implementation of the client you can refer to Predis\Async.

Go Redis - Type-safe Redis client for Golang

  •    Go

Redis client for Golang. It supports Publish /Subscribe. Transactions. Pipeline and TxPipeline. Scripting. Timeouts. Redis Sentinel. Redis Cluster. Cluster of Redis Servers without using cluster mode and Redis Sentinel. Ring. Instrumentation. Cache friendly. Rate limiting. Distributed Locks.

codis - Proxy based Redis cluster solution supporting pipeline and scaling dynamically

  •    Go

Codis is a proxy based high performance Redis cluster solution written in Go. It is production-ready and widely used at wandoujia.com and many companies. You can see Codis Releases for latest and most stable realeases.

redis-py-cluster - Python cluster client for the official redis cluster. Redis 3.0+.

  •    Python

This client provides a client for redis cluster that was added in redis 3.0. This Readme contains a reduced version of the full documentation.

csredis - .NET core for Redis

  •    CSharp

.NETCore or .NetFramework 4.5+ client for Redis and Redis Sentinel (2.8) and Cluster. Includes both synchronous and asynchronous clients.

redis_exporter - Prometheus Exporter for Redis Metrics. Supports Redis 2.x, 3.x and 4.x

  •    Go

and adjust the host name accordingly. Here is an example Kubernetes deployment configuration for how to deploy the redis_exporter as a sidecar with a Redis instance.

FastoNoSQL - Cross platform Redis, Memcached, SSDB, LevelDB, RocksDB, UnQLite, LMDB, ForestDB, Pika, Dynomite GUI management tool

  •    C++

FastoNoSQL — is a crossplatform Redis, Memcached, SSDB, LevelDB, RocksDB, UnQLite, LMDB, UpscaleDB, ForestDB, Pika management tool, also FastoNoSQL is platform for NoSQL databases, you can add your own implementation for different databases.

php-redis-client - RedisClient is a fast, fully-functional and user-friendly client for Redis, optimized for performance

  •    PHP

RedisClient is a fast, fully-functional and user-friendly client for Redis, optimized for performance. RedisClient supports the latest versions of Redis starting from 2.6

kredis - Redis cluster deployment in Kubernetes with dynamic scaling.

  •    Go

A Redis cluster Kubernetes operator. Do not use until this warning goes away. You have been warned.

redisc - A Go redis cluster client built on top of redigo.

  •    Go

Package redisc implements a redis cluster client built on top of the redigo package. See the godoc for details. v1.1.2 : Remove mention that StartupNodes in Cluster struct needs to be master nodes (it can be replicas). Add supporting test.

codis-operator - Codis Operator creates and manages codis clusters(proxy based Redis cluster solution) running in kubernetes

  •    Go

Codis dashboard component which does migration/cluster management work is a spof, if it is deployed by traditional method and when it fails, we have to recover it manually,however,it will be self-healing based on k8s. Codis Cluster has a lots of components(proxy/dashboard/redis/fe/sentinel).it will cost a lot of time if it is deployed and managed by traditional method,especially when nodes die,cut off,we have to recover/migrate every component manually.however,we can easily deploy/destory cluster with only one command based on k8s,and when proxy/dashboard/fe fails(node die,outage,node cut,node resource exhaustion),all these failures will be self-healing that saves much time.

Redis-Operator - Redis Operator creates/configures/manages Redis clusters atop Kubernetes

  •    Go

This is an ongoing project. The aim of this project is to ease the deployment and operations of a Redis-cluster in a kubernetes environment. It started internally at Amadeus in 2016, we initially designed this project to run on Openshift. This is the second version of our Redis-Operator that is based now on Kubernetes CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) for representing the RedisCluster configuration.

eredis_cluster - eredis_cluster is an erlang wrapper for eredis to support cluster mode of redis 3

  •    Erlang

You don't need to specify all nodes of your configuration as eredis_cluster will retrieve them through the command CLUSTER SLOTS at runtime.

ocp-redis-cluster - Deploy Redis Cluster on top of OCP

  •    Ruby

The objetive for this repository is to deploy a Redis Cluster on top of Openshift Container Platform.

overlord - Overlord is a proxy based high performance Memcached and Redis solution written in Go.

  •    Go

Overlord is a proxy based high performance Memcached and Redis solution written in Go. It is fast and lightweight and used primarily to horizontally scale your distributed caching architecture. It is inspired by Twemproxy,Codis. Congratulations! You've just run the overlord proxy.


  •    CSharp

.NET Redis client library based on StackExchange.Redis adding some interesting features like an extensible serialization strategy, a tagging mechanism to group keys, hash fields and set members, and a fetching mechanism to support atomic add/get operations, all being cluster-compatible. The constructor parameter must be a valid StackExchange.Redis connection string. Check this for more information about StackExchange.Redis configuration options.