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hocs - :bento: A collection of Higher-Order Components for React and React Native

  •    Javascript

A collection of Higher-Order Components for React, especially useful with Recompose. A Higher-Order Component is a function that takes a component and returns a new component.

react-google-maps - React.js Google Maps integration component

  •    Javascript

The changelog is automatically generated via standard-version and can be found in project root as well as npm tarball. Please, be noted, no one, I mean, no one, is obligated to help you in ANY means. Your time is valuable, so does our contributors. Don't waste our time posting questions like “how do I do X with React-Google-Maps” and “my code doesn't work”. This is not the primary purpose of the issue tracker. Don't abuse.

not-awesome-es6-classes - A curated list of resources on why ES6 (aka ES2015) classes are NOT awesome


Reverse-inspired by all of the awesome lists on GitHub, like Awesome, Awesome Awesomeness, Awesome JavaScript, Awesome React, Awesome Cycle.js, Awesome Go, Awesome Elixir, Awesome Elm, etc. While ES6 brings several useful and syntactically pleasing new features to JavaScript, there are many people in the JS community who feel that adding class syntax to the language was a mistake. I share this sentiment, but I have encountered quite a few programmers in the wild who don't agree or simply don't seem to understand why some of us have this opinion. So, I wanted to create an online reference where people could come to learn specifically about this issue and why they might not actually need class syntax in JavaScript.

chronos-timetracker - Desktop client for JIRA. Track time, upload worklogs without a hassle.

  •    Javascript

Desktop client for JIRA. Track time, upload automatic and manual worklogs without a hassle. Cross-platform. Open-sourced. Your working tool kit. Open a tracker, browse tasks, pick what you want to work on and start tracking. Move it to "Done" when you've finished. Without leaving an app.

css-mat4 - makes a mat4 from translation, rotation, scale, skew

  •    Javascript

Build a 4x4 matrix from 3D rotation, translation, scale and 2D skew according to the CSS3 transforms spec.Composes a matrix from the given components, storing the result in out and returning it. If opt is not specified, an identity matrix is returned.

recompact - βš› A set of React higher-order components utilities. Drop-in replacement for recompose.

  •    Javascript

Recompact is a set of React higher-order components for reactive programming. It's a drop-in replacement of Recompose with several enhancements. Since tree shaking isn't ready yet to reduce build size efficiently, it is not supported in recompact.

redux-fusion - React bindings for RxJS and Redux

  •    Javascript

This module is a higher order component that serves as an alternative to react-redux connect. There is no additional buy in, all of your redux modules and containers can remain as-is. You could even wrap an existing connected component with fuse() if desired. Redux createStore is observable so it is straight forward to access store from root <Provider> context, convert to a state$ observable and subscribe the wrapped component's props via mapPropsStream(). See recompose's Observable utilities for more details.

flopflip - 🎚Flip or flop features in your React application in real-time backed by flag provider of your choice 🚦

  •    Javascript

Toggle (flip or flop) features being stored in Redux or in a broadcasting system (through the context) via a set of React components or HoCs. In summary feature toggling simplifies and speeds up your development processes. You can ship software more often, release to specified target audiences and test features with users (not only internal staff) before releasing them to everyone.

transform-props-with - :repeat: Functional approach to React component reuse

  •    Javascript

Transform Props With is a functional approach to React component reuse. Compose small testable functions to modify props for components.

react-matchmedia-connect - Higher order components for matchMedia

  •    Javascript

createMatchMediaConnect lets you register a set of media queries. If one of the queries changes, you component will be updated. createResponsiveConnect expects a list of breakpoints and creates the respective media queries with createMatchMediaConnect. You'll get a isMin<Size> and isMax<Size> property for each breakpoint as well as a isPortrait and isLandscape property.

portal-ui - GDC Data Portal UI

  •    Javascript

We recommend using Node v8 (npm v5). By default the portal will attempt to connect to an api instance running on localhost:5000, however this can changed by setting the environment variable REACT_APP_API, or by setting localStorage.REACT_APP_API in the browser.

react-compose-events - A Higher-Order Component factory to attach outside event listeners

  •    Javascript

It is not that common nowadays, but sometimes, when developing for the web, we still need to rely on events that happen on objects out of React application scope; window events, for instance. There are a couple of solutions out there - the most prominent probably being react-event-listener - but none solved this problem in a way such that it would be easy to use with composition libraries such as recompose. react-compose-events does that. Usually you'll need events to fire in a global object, but have them affect the props used on the components. Here goes some example using recompose tools.

react-motions - Compose React Animations using High-Order Functions or Components

  •    CSS

React-Motions is a mix of ideas from Recompose and Animate.css. In fact, react-motions is a set of pure functions entirely based on animation purpose. Set last animation with infinity property.

reassemble - Fast Library for the Composition of React Higher-Order-Components

  •    TypeScript

reassemble is a library for the composition of React Higher-Order-Components optimized for performance. reassemble is very similar to recompose. Conceptually both projects differ in such way that recompose uses HOCs as their building blocks, whereas reassemble uses Composables which are just a collection of callbacks. Most noticeably using reassemble only results in a single Higher-Order-Component and thus has a significant higher performance. It also solves the problem of Dev Tools Ballooning which is an issue in recompose.

nextjs-redux-instagram - 🌏 The simple Instagram was written by next.js & redux-saga & recompose

  •    Javascript

Building by nextjs, redux-saga, recompose. You need going to Instagrm Development register a new client, and you will get Client ID and Client Secret.

react-gh-like-diff - βž•βž– The react component to generate pretty HTML for comparing commits or text.

  •    Javascript

Generate Github like comparison based on diff2html. You can compare string or given unified diff to generate pretty HTML.

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