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tensorrec - A TensorFlow recommendation algorithm and framework in Python.

  •    Python

A TensorFlow recommendation algorithm and framework in Python. TensorRec is a Python recommendation system that allows you to quickly develop recommendation algorithms and customize them using TensorFlow.

moviebox - 🎥 Machine learning movie recommender

  •    Python

Moviebox is a content based machine learning recommending system build with the powers of tf-idf and cosine similarities.Initially, a natural number, that corresponds to the ID of a unique movie title, is accepted as input from the user. Through tf-idf the plot summaries of 5000 different movies that reside in the dataset, are analyzed and vectorized. Next, a number of movies is chosen as recommendations based on their cosine similarity with the vectorized input movie. Specifically, the cosine value of the angle between any two non-zero vectors, resulting from their inner product, is used as the primary measure of similarity. Thus, only movies whose story and meaning are as close as possible to the initial one, are displayed to the user as recommendations.

recommend - recommendation system with python

  •    Python

A jupyter notbook that compares PMF and BPMF model can be found here. Old version code can be found in v0.0.1. It contains a Probabilistic Matrix Factorization model with theano implementation.

toptal-recommengine - Prototype recommendation engine built to accompany an article on Toptal Blog

  •    CoffeeScript

Toptal-Recommengine is a prototype recommendation engine built to accompany an article on Toptal Blog. To use this, you need to have the latest version of Node.js and NPM installed.

recommender - NReco Recommender is a

  •    CSharp

NReco Recommender is a .NET port of Apache Mahout Collaborative Filtering engine "Taste" (standalone, non-Hadoop version). Names of namespaces, class names and public methods are preserved but aligned with C# naming conventions. Copyright 2013-2017 Vitalii Fedorchenko (nrecosite.com) Parts of this code are based on Apache Mahout ("Taste") that was licensed under the Apache 2.0 License (see http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0).

intergo - A package for interleaving / multileaving ranking generation in go

  •    Go

NOTE: this package aims only at generating a single combined ranking and does not implement the evaluation functions of the given rankings. Then choose one of bm or gom or tdm package which corresponds to the algorithm you want to use.

awesome-metric-learning - 😎 A curated list of awesome practical Metric Learning and its applications


At Qdrant, we have one goal: make metric learning more practical. This listing is in line with this purpose, and we aim at providing a concise yet useful list of awesomeness around metric learning. It is intended to be inspirational for productivity rather than serve as a full bibliography. If you find it useful or like it in some other way, you may want to join our Discord server, where we are running a paper reading club on metric learning.

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