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the-bread-code - Learn how to master the art of baking the programmer way.

  •    Shell

Learn how to master the art of baking the programmer way. If you love programming, you will also enjoy breaking some bread. A/B test, iterate and ultimately become a self-taught baker. This repository is dedicated to becoming your bread manifesto with useful tricks and hacks. Furthermore, the goal is to illustrate how easy making bread is and that you can get started today without expensive tools. This repository is still work in progress and will be updated continuously.

recipes - Symfony Recipes Repository

  •    PHP

Symfony recipes allow the automation of Composer packages configuration via the Symfony Flex Composer plugin. This repository contains "official" recipes for Composer packages endorsed by the Symfony Core Team. For contributed recipes, see the contrib repository.

gulp-recipes - gulp-recipes

  •    Javascript

Updates as of 20 March 2016: I have originally created this so that the Gulp community would be able help each other to find solutions to common use-cases. I have since moved away from Gulp to Webpack for most of my work, and have not been actively participating in Gulp's latest activities (I'm not knocking on Gulp, it is still a useful tool. Webpack just works well for my case). Not your typical collection of gulp recipes for your streaming build.

recipes-contrib - Symfony Contrib Recipes Repositories

  •    PHP

Symfony recipes allow the automation of Composer packages configuration via the Symfony Flex Composer plugin. For more information about contributing a recipe, read the documentation on the main repository.

Boost-Cookbook - Online examples from "Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook":

  •    C++

This repository contains all the code examples from the Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition (ISBN: 9781787282247), Packt Publishing, by Antony Polukhin. Compile and Run Examples Online.

plugins - Official Franz Plugin Repository


Franz 5 plugins are now called recipes. In Franz 5, recipes are now served via a central repository. Except for development purposes you don't need to manually install a recipe any longer.


  •    Javascript

Hawkeye recipes is a collection of recipes for Auth0 custom OAuth2 connections

assemble-workshop - Recipes how to use assemble (v0.12.0+)

  •    Javascript

Some recipes using assemble v0.16.0. All recipes contain some explanation but also a fully working version of the recipe in the according folder.

meanrecipe - Get a consensus recipe for your next meal. :cookie: :cake:

  •    Go

Sometimes when I want a recipe to cook something new I will find several recipes for the same thing and try to use them as a guide to generate an average or "consensus" recipe. This code should make it easy to generate consensus recipes (useful!) and also show variation between recipes (interesting!). Finding a consensus recipe requires first clustering many recipes. This is because a single recipe (e.g. a recipe for brownies) might have many significant variations (e.g. brownies can have just cocoa, just chocolate, or both). This code will first cluster recipes and then use the clusters to deliver the consensus recipe.

react-recipes - React Recipes & Patterns.

  •    Javascript

This repository contains some tried-and-tested ways to work with React, along with in-depth explanations of how certain aspects of the library work. It assumes some prior knowledge of React (hopefully I'll be able to include introductory articles at some point), and that you use JSX and Fancy Javascript, such as classes and modules. These features require a bit of initial setup. Although they're widely touted as not necessary, forgoing JSX and ES6 modules is a... less-than-stellar development experience; instead, see Setting up shop for a quick way to get started on a React project with all the goodness.

recipes - Code recipes for Amber Framework

  •    Javascript

Amber generators can use a recipe to generate your application, and scaffold your application with controllers, models and views. Using a recipe you can get started with an amber application that extends or modifies the standard built in generator or provides additional features. For example you might want an API application that only renders JSON or use React or AngularJS for views. to create a new amber app from the given named recipe in a folder with the given appname.

homebrew - Real homebrew!


Open source brewing efforts, including recipes, brewing process and tips.

cypress-example-recipes - Various recipes for testing common scenarios with Cypress

  •    Javascript

This repo contains various recipes for testing common scenarios in your application using Cypress.

react-testing-recipes - 📝 A list of recipes to testing your React code

  •    Javascript

Part of the code and ideas are borrowed from React Testing Cookbook series on egghead.io with awareness of personal choice of tools. Lint your ES6 and React code with standard and better test error message with snazzy.

recipecleaner - Chrome and Firefox extension to clean up messy recipe sites

  •    Javascript

Recipe sites suck. Make them suck a little less. Even with an ad blocker, recipe sites are a messy experience. Popups ask you to subscribe, there are pages and pages of filler text and images to scroll through, and then finally the recipe is tucked away at the bottom somewhere.

pan-deser - Przepisy na ciasta Janka Warchoła. Muszą przejść testy QA ;-)


Uwaga: repozytorium jest w fazie alfa. Pierwsze propozycje przepisów są w osobnych gałęziach i czekają na review. Co więcej, chciałbym zeby przepisy były ogólne i wyczerpujące. Nie wystarczy mi przepis na jakąś bezę, jakiś sernik, jakąś polewę czekoladową - chcę zgłębić temat i opisać, jak zmiana poszczególnych czynników wpływa na efekt końcowy, jak przeciwdziałać często występującym problemom itp.

reason-design-patterns - 🗺 An unofficial collection of "design patterns" for Reason and OCaml

  •    OCaml

An unofficial collection of "Design Patterns" collected from learning, experimenting, and working with Reason and OCaml. Whether you are modeling TODO lists or mission-critical stuff, these patterns should help you build types that are safe to use, refactor, and evolve.