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Live Graph - Plot and explore your data in real-time

  •    Java

LiveGraph is a framework for real-time data visualisation, analysis and logging. It has a real time plotter that can automatically update graphs of your data while it is still being computed by your application. LiveGraph reads files in a simple CSV-style format. For applications developed in Java, LiveGraph additionally provides an API that handles all data logging and persistency issues.

jChart2d - Swing chart widget

  •    Java

JChart2D is an minimalistic realtime charting library. JChart2D is a single configureable swing widget. JChart2D is intended for engineering tasks and not for presentations. It's specialty is run time - dynamic precise display of data with a minimal configuration overhead.

react-rt-chart - Real time chart component for React using c3.js

  •    Javascript

A React component wrapping c3.js flow API that makes it easy to create real-time charts. To use the default styling include c3.css from github or from node_modules/c3 within react-rt-chart.

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