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elastic4s - Elasticsearch Scala Client - Non Blocking, Type Safe, HTTP, TCP

Elastic4s is a concise, idiomatic, reactive, type safe Scala client for Elasticsearch. The client can be used over both HTTP and TCP by choosing either of the elastic4s-http or elastic4s-tcp submodules. The official Elasticsearch Java client can of course be used in Scala, but due to Java's syntax it is more verbose and it naturally doesn't support classes in the core Scala core library nor Scala idioms.Elastic4s's DSL allows you to construct your requests programatically, with syntactic and semantic errors manifested at compile time, and uses standard Scala futures to enable you to easily integrate into an asynchronous workflow. The aim of the DSL is that requests are written in a builder-like way, while staying broadly similar to the Java API or Rest API. Each request is an immutable object, so you can create requests and safely reuse them, or further copy them for derived requests. Because each request is strongly typed your IDE or editor can use the type information to show you what operations are available for any request type.

cyclops-react - An advanced, but easy to use, platform for writing functional applications in Java 8

Powerful Streams and functional data types for building modern Java 8 applications. We extend JDK interfaces where possible for maximum integration.ReactiveSeq extends JDK Stream and offers multiple modes of execution - synchonous, asynchronous, asynchronous with backpressure, parallel and more.

AutoDispose - Automatic binding+disposal of RxJava 2 streams.

AutoDispose is an RxJava 2 tool for automatically binding the execution of RxJava 2 streams to a provided scope via disposal/cancellation.Often (especially in mobile applications), Rx subscriptions need to stop in response to some event (for instance, when Activity#onStop() executes in an Android app). In order to support this common scenario in RxJava 2, we built AutoDispose.

RxJava2Interop - Library to convert between RxJava 1

Library to convert between RxJava 1.x and 2.x reactive types.Note that 2.x Subjects and FlowableProcessors support only the same input and output types.

TymeacRSE - Java Reactive Streams Push Engine

TymeacRSE is a Recursive Streams push engine for managing the publication and distribution of items to subscribers. An efficient push engine allowing (Reactive Stream) Publishers to generate asynchronous streams for routing to Subscribers. It provides an efficient multitasking service that allows many resource-intensive applications to coexist in a single microservice.

RxJava2Extensions - RxJava 2

RxJava 2.x implementation of extra sources, operators and components and ports of many 1.x companion libraries.Support the join-patterns and async-util with functional interfaces of consumers with 3-9 type arguments and have functional interfaces of functions without the throws Exception.


Modern, Reactive-Streams compliant library for composing (a)synchronous sequences of data and events.or search for Reactive4.NET and install the desired version.

Reactive4JavaFlow - Reactive Programming library based on the Java 9 Flow API and a 4th generation ReactiveX-style architecture

Reactive Programming library based on the Java 9 Flow API and a 4th generation ReactiveX-style architecture.The base package of Reactive4JavaFlow is hu.akarnokd.reactive4javaflow where the main reactive classes are located. Note that the library requires a JDK 9 compatible runtime, thus it is not compatible with most of what is currently available on Android.

RxJava2Jdk8Interop - RxJava 2 interop library for supporting Java 8 features such as Optional, Stream and CompletableFuture

RxJava 2 interop library for supporting Java 8 features such as Optional, Stream and CompletableFuture.Note that java.util.stream.Stream can be consumed at most once and only synchronously.

toketi-iothubreact - Akka Stream library for Azure IoT Hub

IoTHub React is an Akka Stream library that can be used to read events from Azure IoT Hub, via a reactive stream with asynchronous back pressure, and to send commands to connected devices. Azure IoT Hub is a service used to connect thousands to millions of devices to the Azure cloud.The library can be used both in Java and Scala, providing a fluent DSL for both programming languages, similarly to the approach used by Akka.

RxJavaReactiveStreams - Adapter between RxJava and ReactiveStreams

This library provides adapters between RxJava and Reactive Streams. The Reactive Streams standard defines an API and runtime semantics for reactive data streams, that different tools can implement in order to interoperate with each other. This library allows RxJava to interoperate with other implementors of the Reactive Streams API.These methods can be used to convert between the Reactive Streams Publisher type, and RxJava's Observable type.