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react_on_rails - Integration of React + Webpack + Rails using rails/webpacker to build Universal (Isomorphic) Apps (aka Server Rendering)

  •    Ruby

React on Rails integrates Rails with (server rendering of) Facebook's React front-end framework. Intersted in optimizing your webpack setup for React on Rails including code splitting with react-router v4, webpack v4, and react-loadable? Contact me.

react-rails-example-app - Minimal basic demonstration React-Rails sample application using Webpacker

  •    Ruby

This repo is an example of a simple working Rails 5, Webpack(er)3, React-Rails 2.3+ application. Where generators are used, the git commit will be the command ran to get to the current application state so it will hopefully be easy to follow along at home.

react-rails-starterkit - Starter repository for React on Rails. Fork it!

  •    Javascript

Plug and play Starter Kit for the Ultimate React Framework. Important note: Don't npm install react or anything similar. react-rails includes its own version of React, and you should use it. require('react-rails').React if needed, but React just doesn't work well if multiple instances are in the same package.

breezy - A productive library for Classic Rails, React and Redux

  •    Javascript

Use classic Rails to build rich React Redux applications with NO APIs and NO client-side routing. Breezy is a React Redux starter and library inspired by Turbolinks and designed to complement classic Rails. You can enjoy the benefits of Redux state management and React components without giving up the productivity of Rails form helpers, UJS, tag helpers, the flash, cookie auth, and more.

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