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react-native-svg-charts - 📈 One library to rule all charts for React Native 📊

  •    Javascript

A much improved decorator system has been introduced, allowing for greater flexibility and less complexity. See releases for more information. In order to not bloat this README to much we've moved some examples over to react-native-svg-charts-examples. There we will try to showcase the really cool things you can do with this library. This README will try to keep things as simple as possible so that everybody can get up and running as fast as possible.

react-native-svg-charts-examples - A collection of usage examples of react-native-svg-charts

  •    Javascript

Have you ever made a cool graph using react-native-svg-charts, maybe a super complex use case or just really pretty design? Make a PR with your code and include it here for everyone to see. Just make sure that all examples are fully reproducible demos so that people don't have to figure a bunch of stuff out on the own.