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eigen - The Art World in Your Pocket or Your Trendy Tech Company's Tote, Artsy's iOS app.

  •    Objective-C

This is a core Artsy Mobile OSS project, along with Energy, Eidolon, Emission and Emergence.Don't know what Artsy is? Check out this overview and more, or read our objc.io on team culture.

create-react-native-app - Create a React Native app on any OS with no build config.

  •    Javascript

Create React Native apps with no build configuration. Once you're up and running with Create React Native App, visit this tutorial for more information on building apps with React Native.

status-react - a free (libre) open source, mobile OS for Ethereum

  •    Clojure

Join us in creating a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralized world. Status is a free (libre) open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS built entirely on Ethereum technologies. That's right, no middle men and go-ethereum running directly on your device. We believe in a medium of pure free trade, economies with fair, permission-less access and a world without intermediaries. We want to create policies that can exist between friends or scale globally, we want to communicate securely and be uninhibited by legacy systems.

galio - Galio is a beautifully designed, Free and Open Source React Native Framework

  •    Javascript

Galio is one of the coolest UI libraries you could ever use, licensed under MIT. Carefully crafted by developers for developers. Ready-made components, typography, and a gorgeous base theme that is easily adaptable to each project.

react-native-firestack - A firestack v3 react-native implementation

  •    Java

Firestack makes using the latest Firebase straight-forward. Firestack is a light-weight layer sitting atop the native Firebase libraries for iOS and Android and mirrors the React Native JS api as closely as possible.

shoutem.github.io - Supercharging React Native development

  •    Javascript

Shoutem is a platform for building beautiful React Native mobile apps. The easiest way to understand what Shoutem is to think of it as the WordPress for mobile apps. Apps are divided into smaller modules, called extensions. On WordPress you build a website out of plugins; on Shoutem you build a mobile app out of extensions. This architecture helps us achieve big development efficiency. Join our community on Facebook. Also, feel free to ask a question on Stack Overflow using "shoutem" tag.


  •    Javascript

Truly universal react application dev stack.

ghubber - :iphone: Mobile client for GitHub build on React Native :atom:

  •    Javascript

Yet another Mobile 📱 client for GitHub powered on react-native. Please send a email to zaets28rus@gmail.com with Subject: Invite me to GHubber TestFlight and your email, firstname, lastname.

react-native-random-recipe-1 - Small react native project to test out some components

  •    Objective-C

The concept behind this small repo is that A LOT of different components are out there, in the wild, and as a React Native developer there is no easy way to see if any component may work out for your project in a real world scenario. So I want to try to mess around with some components I think may be interesting, but at the same time create a situation closer to reality - I also need to set up some basic rules.

frag-den-staat-app - 📱 iOS & Android App for FragDenStaat.de, the German FOI portal.

  •    Javascript

This app is for FragDenStaat.de, a platform to simplify the process of sending and managing FOI requests to German public bodies. The app should include basic functionalities of the website such as browsing through requests, searching, and creating new requests.

balance-wallet - A mobile wallet for dapps & tokens.

  •    Javascript

A mobile wallet for dapps & tokens. Currently focused on iOS. Clone the GitHub repository to your machine.

qrcode - React Native app for scanning and creating QR codes

  •    Javascript

Cross-platform mobile app for Android and iOS written with React Native. QR Code Reader and Generator is a React Native application for both Android and iOS that allows you to scan any type of QR Code (Barcode included), with various types of data, such as contact information, wifi passwords, calendar events and much more. After scanning, you can easily perform action with scanned data: make a call, save calendar event, etc. And also, you can generate all this code types.

reader - Mobile version of rss reader using React Native

  •    Javascript

Mobile version of rss reader using React Native

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