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mobx-react-lite - Lightweight React bindings for MobX based on React 16.8 and Hooks

  •    TypeScript

This is a next iteration of mobx-react coming from introducing React hooks which simplifies a lot of internal workings of this package. Class based components are not supported except using <Observer> directly in class render method. If you want to transition existing projects from classes to hooks (as most of us do), you can use this package alongside the mobx-react just fine. The only conflict point is about the observer HOC. Subscribe to this issue for a proper migration guide.

the-platform - Web. Components. 😂

  •    TypeScript

Note: React 16.8+ is required for Hooks. Detect and retrieve current device Motion.

use-query-params - React Hook for managing state in URL query parameters with easy serialization.

  •    TypeScript

A React Hook, HOC, and Render Props solution for managing state in URL query parameters with easy serialization. Works with React Router and Reach Router out of the box. TypeScript supported.

react-adaptive-hooks - Deliver experiences best suited to a user's device and network constraints

  •    Javascript

It can be used to add patterns for adaptive resource loading, data-fetching, code-splitting and capability toggling. Make it easier to target low-end devices while progressively adding high-end-only features on top. Using these hooks and utilities can help you give users a great experience best suited to their device and network constraints.

react-swipeable - React swipe event handler hook

  •    TypeScript

Use the hook and set your swipe(d) handlers. Spread handlers onto the element you wish to track swipes on.

hooks - React Hooks Library

  •    TypeScript

React Hooks Library. Open your browser and visit , see more at Development.

react-firebase-hooks - React Hooks for Firebase.

  •    TypeScript

A set of reusable React Hooks for Firebase. Official support for Hooks was added to React Native in v0.59.0. React Firebase Hooks works with both the Firebase JS SDK and React Native Firebase, although some of the Flow and Typescript typings may be incorrect - we are investigating ways to improve this for React Native Firebase users.

use-react-router - React Hook for pub-sub behavior using React Router.

  •    TypeScript

useReactRouter() returns an object that contains the history, location, and match properties that would be passed as props by the HOC. A tutorial covering the design and development of this package can be found on Medium: How to Convert withRouter to a React Hook.

react-hooks - Collection of react hooks

  •    TypeScript

This is a collection of frequently used react hooks to support development within baidu, contributions from community are also welcomed. This is a typical pnpm workspace based monorepo, each hook creates a package in packages folder, the folder name is dash-cased and without the use prefix.

react-useportal - 🌀 React hook for Portals

  •    TypeScript

Need to make dropdowns, lightboxes/modals/dialogs, global message notifications, or tooltips in React? React Portals provide a first-class way to render children into a DOM node that exists outside the DOM hierarchy of the parent component (react docs). This hook is also isomorphic, meaning it works with SSR (server side rendering).

eo-locale - 🌏Internationalize React apps 👔Elegant lightweight library based on Internationalization API

  •    TypeScript

Internationalization is the process of adapting an application to work with different languages and regions. That can bring some benefits. Your target group can be broader than the one with the default language of the app. So by internationalizing an app, you may reach a bigger audience. Internationalization it's not only about translation text. Users expect localized Dates, Number separators, Currencies.

resynced - An experimental hook that lets you have multiple components using multiple synced states using no context provider

  •    TypeScript

This is an experimental hook that lets you have multiple components using multiple synced states using no context provider. This package requires the Hooks API available only in React 16.7.0-alpha.0 or later.

Mastering-React-Test-Driven-Development - Mastering React Test-Driven Development, published by Packt


This is companion repository for the book Mastering React Test-Driven Development by Daniel Irvine, published by Packt. The book itself has checkpoints that are based on various tags. If you're following along then you'll need to be comfortable switching tags.

react-hooks-example - React Hooks Example

  •    Javascript

You can learn more in the Introducing Hooks .

react-hooks-screen-type - Determining screen size type for Bootstrap 4 grid.

  •    Javascript

This package is useful for determining screen size type on web applications with respect to bootstrap 4 grid system.

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