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vim-signify - :heavy_plus_sign: Show a diff using Vim its sign column.

  •    Vim

Signify (or just Sy) uses the sign column to indicate added, modified and removed lines in a file that is managed by a version control system (VCS). If git is the only version control system you use, I suggest having a look at vim-gitgutter.

node-rename-css-selectors - 📝 Rename css classes and id's in files

  •    Javascript

This module renames all CSS selectors in the given files. It will collect all selectors from the given CSS files. Do not worry about your selectors, rcs will do it for you. You can also use a config file with the combination of generateMapping and loadMapping, if you already had other projects with the same classes. So all your projects have the same minified selector names - always.

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