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Mission Statement: PlexGuide is an all-in-one media solution that deploys a Media Server through the use of your Local HD or Google Drive; serving as an unlimited back-end storage. PlexGuide utilizes Ansible and Docker to streamline your Media Server, while deploying multiple tools for your Server Operations.

RcloneBrowser - Simple cross platform GUI for rclone

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Simple cross platfrom GUI for rclone command line tool. Supports Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux. Get Windows, macOS and Ubuntu package on releases page.

pi-timolo - Raspberry PI-TIMOLO ( PI-TImelapse, MOtion, LOwLight ) uses RPI picamera and python for Remote Headless Security Monitoring & Auto Sync files with rclone remote storage services

  •    Python

Requires a Raspberry Pi computer and a RPI camera module installed. Make sure hardware is tested and works. Most RPI models will work OK. A quad core RPI will greatly improve performance due to threading. A recent version of Raspbian operating system is Recommended. Step 1 With mouse left button highlight curl command in code box below. Right click mouse in highlighted area and Copy. Step 2 On RPI putty SSH or terminal session right click, select paste then Enter to download and run script.

Doomsday-Machine-2 - Doomsday Machine is a tool for backing up cloud services to a local machine.

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Doomsday Machine is a tool for backing up cloud services to a local machine. This project is a followup to a Node.js project I started in April. While that project worked well, I wasn't happy with the code's performance and lack of support, being that the project was just my code. Instead, I've constructed this project which is really just an amalgamation of others' great projects. The imap-backup tool uses a configuration file saved at /root/.imap-backup/config.json, which is setup as a Docker volume so that you can persist the configuration and/or map it to a host folder. Use the tool's setup instructions to build the configuration file.

cloud-media-scripts - Upload and stream media from the cloud with or without encryption

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These scripts are created to have your media synced between your cloud- and local store. All media is always encrypted before being uploaded. This also means if you loose your encryption keys you can't read your media. Plexdrive version 4.0.0 and Rclone version 1.39 is used.

docker-cloud-media-scripts - Upload and stream media from the cloud with or without encryption

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If you have more space you can increase REMOVE_LOCAL_FILES_WHEN_SPACE_EXCEEDS_GB, FREEUP_ATLEAST_GB and either increase CLEAR_CHUNK_AGE or add CLEAR_CHUNK_MAX_SIZE. The parameters are split into two halves, separated by a colon, the left hand side representing the host and the right the container side. For example with a volume -v external:internal - what this shows is the volume mapping from internal to external of the container. Example -v /media:/local-media would expose directory /local-media from inside the container to be accessible from the host's directory /media.

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