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testssl.sh - Testing TLS/SSL encryption anywhere on any port

  •    Shell

testssl.sh is a free command line tool which checks a server's service on any port for the support of TLS/SSL ciphers, protocols as well as some cryptographic flaws. Or help yourself downloading the ZIP archive https://github.com/drwetter/testssl.sh/archive/2.9dev.zip. testssl.sh --help will give you some help upfront. More help: see doc directory with man pages. Older sample runs are at https://testssl.sh/.

angular-crypto - angular-crypto provides standard and secure cryptographic algorithms for Angular

  •    Javascript

angular-crypto provides standard and secure cryptographic algorithms for Angular.js with support for: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RC4, Rabbit, AES, DES, PBKDF2, HMAC, OFB, CFB, CTR, CBC, Base64

rng-js - JavaScript seedable random number generation tools.

  •    Javascript

The generator below, seeded with "Example" will produce the same values as below for each of these random number distributions across all browsers. The underlying algorithm is RC4 and uniform number generation is about 10x slower than Math.random in V8. What you get in exchange for that is a seedable generator and additional random distributions (see example). You can still get speed and these additional distributions by using Math.random as the core uniform number generator.

oscrypto - Compiler-free Python crypto library backed by the OS, supporting CPython and PyPy

  •    Python

A compilation-free, always up-to-date encryption library for Python that works on Windows, OS X, Linux and BSD. Supports the following versions of Python: 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and pypy. OS X 10.6 will not be supported due to a lack of available cryptographic primitives and due to lack of vendor support.


  •    Python

PayloadDump takes a Flokibot sample like 7bd22e3147122eb4438f02356e8927f36866efa0cc07cc604f1bff03d76222a6, and extracts payload binaries from the compressed/encrypted PE resources. It outputs a file named BOT32 or BOT64 in the current working directory. ConfigDump takes a 32 bit Flokibot payload extracted using PayloadDump, and extracts the obfuscated config block containing a C2 URL and an RC4 network key. It outputs a file named config.bin, and prints out the URL contained in the deobfuscated config block.

secure-ls - :lock: Secure localStorage data with high level of encryption and data compression.

  •    Javascript

Secure localStorage data with high level of encryption and data compression. It requires secret-key for encrypting and decrypting data securely. If custom secret-key is provided as mentioned below in APIs, then the library will pick that otherwise it will generate yet another very secure unique password key using PBKDF2, which will be further used for future API requests.