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casbin - An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC in Golang

  •    Go

Casbin is a powerful and efficient open-source access control library for Golang projects. It provides support for enforcing authorization based on various access control models. In Casbin, an access control model is abstracted into a CONF file based on the PERM metamodel (Policy, Effect, Request, Matchers). So switching or upgrading the authorization mechanism for a project is just as simple as modifying a configuration. You can customize your own access control model by combining the available models. For example, you can get RBAC roles and ABAC attributes together inside one model and share one set of policy rules.

laratrust - Handle roles and permissions in your Laravel application

  •    PHP

Laratrust is an easy and flexible way to add roles, permissions and teams authorization to Laravel 5 (>=5.2.32). For Laravel < 5.2.32 please use the 4.0 branch.

gorbac - goRBAC provides a lightweight role-based access control (RBAC) implementation in Golang.

  •    Go

goRBAC provides a lightweight role-based access control implementation in Golang.Version 1 is the original design which will only mantain to fix bugs.

Apache Fortress - Identity and Access Management

  •    Java

Apache Fortress the open source identity and access management built on OpenLDAP. Fortress is designed to address complex authentication, authorization and auditing needs simply and easily. It helps to ensure strict adherence to current security standards while allowing for ease of installation and ongoing maintenance. A standards-based access management system, written in Java, that provides role-based access control, delegated administration and password policy services with LDAP.

yosai - A Security Framework for Python applications featuring Authorization (rbac permissions and roles), Authentication (2fa totp), Session Management and an extensive Audit Trail

  •    Python

Yosai is a "security framework" that features authentication, authorization, and session management from a common, intuitive API. Yosai is based on Apache Shiro, written in Java and widely used today.

audit2rbac - Autogenerate RBAC policies based on Kubernetes audit logs

  •    Go

audit2rbac takes a Kubernetes audit log and username as input, and generates RBAC role and binding objects that cover all the API requests made by that user.

defender - Roles & Permissions for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

Defender is an Access Control List (ACL) Solution for Laravel 5.* (single auth). (Not compatible with multi-auth) With security and usability in mind, this project aims to provide you a safe way to control your application access without losing the fun of coding. Defender is looking for maintainers and contributors.



Role-Based Access Control for Applications ranged from Standalone to Multi-tier. Also contain : Permission management. Support for multi-database types.

CAOS - Controle de Acesso Orientado a Serviços


O CAOS é uma ferramenta open source que traz a proposta de um controle de acesso RBAC centralizado com alto nível de interoperabilidade para organizações.

RBAC Manager R2 for Exchange 2010 SP2, Exchange 2013 Preview and Office 365


Exchange 2010 RBAC Editor (RBAC GUI) Exchange 2010 RBAC Manager Developed in C# and using Powershell behind the scenes RBAC tool to simplfy RBAC administration

laravel_template_with_vue - laravel5

  •    PHP


athenz - Athenz is a role-based authorization (RBAC) system for provisioning and configuration (centralized authorization) use cases as well as serving/runtime (decentralized authorization) use cases

  •    Java

AthenZ is a set of services and libraries supporting role-based authorization for provisioning and configuration (centralized authorization) use cases as well as serving/runtime (decentralized authorization) use cases.

guard - 🔑 Kubernetes Authentication WebHook Server

  •    Go

Guard by AppsCode is a Kubernetes Webhook Authentication server. Using guard, you can log into your Kubernetes cluster using your Github or Google authentication token. Guard also sets authenticated user's groups to his Github teams or Google groups. This allows cluster administrator to setup RBAC rules based on membership in Github teams or Google groups.To install Guard, please follow the guide here.

caddy-authz - Caddy-authz is a middleware for Caddy that blocks or allows requests based on access control policies

  •    Go

Caddy-authz is an authorization middleware for Caddy, it's based on https://github.com/casbin/casbin. cd into the folder of caddy binary.

casbin-authz-plugin - Docker RBAC & ABAC Authorization Plug-in based on Casbin

  •    Go

This plugin controls the access to Docker commands based on authorization policy. The functionality of authorization is provided by Casbin. Since Docker doesn't perform authentication by now, there's no user information when executing Docker commands. The access that Casbin plugin can control is actually what HTTP method can be performed on what URL path. NOTE: Before doing below, remove the authorization-plugin configuration added above and restart the docker daemon.

casbin-server - Casbin as a Service via RESTful

  •    Go

Casbin Server is the Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) for Casbin. It provides RESTful interface for Casbin authorization. This project is under Apache 2.0 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.

chi-authz - chi-authz is an authorization middleware for Chi

  •    Go

Chi-authz is an authorization middleware for Chi, it's based on https://github.com/casbin/casbin. This project is under MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.

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