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reframe.js - 🖼 Reframe unresponsive elements responsively.

  •    Javascript

Elements that have been wrapped with reframe will not be wrapped twice. Reframe.js wraps a specified element in a div that is an intrinsic ratio of the original element. This plugin is great for embedded content like iframes or videos.

convert-units - An elegant way to convert quantities between different units.

  •    Javascript

A handy utility for converting between quantities in different units.convert-units has a simple chained API that is easy to read.

node-aspectratio - Image aspect ratio calculation utility

  •    Javascript

Image aspect ratio utilities. Apply a fixed aspect ratio crop without distoring the image aspect ratio.

Ratio.js - Rational numbers for Javascript

  •    Javascript

Project is retired and not under active development. Please checkout these alternative libraries. Open up a ticket if you want to be added to the list of alternatives.

reprocss - A flexible <style>-tag based CSS reprocessor

  •    HTML

If you are using reproCSS with custom events, you may also optionally use a selector attribute specify a list of one or more CSS selectors you would like to add event listeners for. If no selector attribute is found all custom events will be applied to window.

postcss-aspect-ratio - A PostCSS plugin to fix an element's dimensions to an aspect ratio.

  •    Javascript

A PostCSS plugin to fix an element's dimensions to an aspect ratio. The effect is achieved using the quirky behaviour of CSS percentage padding; any element with a percentage value for its padding property will use the width of its container to calculate that percentage. Therefore this plugin requires a specific HTML structure to work. The element you wish to constrain with an aspect ratio and a single inner element that will hold its contents.

css-modularscale - Modular scale calculator built into your CSS http://modularscale.com

  •    CSS

A modular scale is a list of values that share the same relationship. These values are often used to size type and create a sense of harmony in a design. Proportions within modular scales are all around us from the spacing of the joints on our fingers to branches on trees. These natural proportions have been used since the time of the ancient Greeks in architecture and design and can be a tremendously helpful tool to leverage for web designers. Ems work especially well with modular scales as their recursive properties mimic modular scales making them more predictable and easier to manage. Pixels and other units work just fine and breakpoints in responsive web design can naturally fall on your scale to create better relevance to your text as all the values in your layout harmonize with each other.

mq-scss - Extremely powerful Sass media query mixin

  •    CSS

An extremely powerful but easy to use Sass media query mixin that allows you to create almost any media query you can imagine. This media query mixin is a powerful tool that lets you easily create far more complex media queries than you would have ever attempted to do with plain css. It also makes your code far easier to maintain through it's ability to take simple media query variables.

SCSScale - Typographic modular scale starter based on body's font-size built on SCSS.

  •    CSS

Typographic modular scale starter based on body's font-size built on SCSS. Font-size calculated in rem with a fallback integer number in pixels and line-height in number (unitless).

fitToParent - A tool that will resize a DOM element to fit its parent container while maintaining original aspect ratio

  •    Javascript

fitToParent is a tool that will resize a DOM element to fit its parent container while maintaining its original aspect ratio. Kind of like background-size: contain; for anything. Just grab fitToParent.min.js from this repo and include it in the head of your page. If using with jQuery or Zepto, make sure fitToParent is called after the core library.

react-responsive-embed - :atom_symbol: Embed iframes responsively

  •    Javascript

You want to embed a YouTube or other iframe style embedded content, and you'd like it to take up the available width, and retain it's aspect ratio. Much like the Bootstrap responsive embed helpers of old, but for react.

web-service - Instantiates web services: REST Api, file upload, etc

  •    Javascript

Mostly is simply a routing: true webservice with added support for Web 1.0 operation mode and a convenient api parameter for grouping api methods into separate modules. Each api handler is passed the same two arguments as each routing handler does (in Web 1.0 mode there's also the third argument which is called in case of an error being thrown from the handler, and the return value of that third argument is gonna be the redirection URL, e.g. /error?status=${error.status}).

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