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datashader - Turns even the largest data into images, accurately.

  •    Python

Each record is projected into zero or more bins of a nominal plotting grid shape, based on a specified glyph. Reductions are computed for each bin, compressing the potentially large dataset into a much smaller aggregate array.

graphics-workshop - Learn computer graphics by writing GPU shaders!

  •    GLSL

This repo contains a selection of projects designed to help you learn the basics of computer graphics. We'll be writing shaders to render interactive two-dimensional and three-dimensional scenes. This workshop covers fragment shaders (GLSL), procedural texture generation, rasterization, lighting calculations, and real-time ray tracing.

blend2d - 2D Vector Graphics Engine Powered by a JIT Compiler

  •    C++

2D Vector Graphics Powered by a JIT Compiler. See blend2d.com page for more details.

Image Space Occlusion Culling Engine

  •    C++

ISOCE is an Image Space Occlusion Culling Engine optimized to perform occlusion culling in CPU. Developed in C++ using SIMD optimizations.

rust-exp - Software rasterization, N-Body simulation and Game of Life in Rust + Haskell

  •    Rust

This project contains a number of experiments in the simulation / graphics category. I frequently write Haskell projects where I delegate the performance critical, numerical code to C/C++ or offload it to the GPU. I wanted to try using Rust as a safer and more functional alternative. The application itself is written in Haskell, doing the display, user interaction and non-inner-loop parts with the actual computations done in a Rust library. Experiments include...

PtahRenderer - A small software graphics renderer

  •    Swift

A small software graphics renderer. Offline and online demos available on macOS and Linux (tested on Ubuntu). See Programs for requirements and build instructions. Associated blog post here. Apart from PtahRendererDemoOnline, everything can be compiled using the Swift Package Manager on both macOS (tested on macOS 10.12) and Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04).

polyred - 📺 3D graphics facilities in pure Go.

  •    Go

3D graphics facilities in pure Go. Caution: experimenting, expect it to break at any time. Use it at your own risk.

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