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Spina - Spina CMS

  •    HTML

Spina is a CMS for Rails 5.2. This guide is designed for developers with experience using Ruby on Rails. The installer will help you setup your first user.

DashVis - An open-source Dashboard built for users, to organize their resources via Tables and Folders

  •    CSS

DashVis is an open-source Dashboard built with Rails for all users in general. DashVis can be used to organize your resources via Tables (For exampe, Notepad, Contacts, Playlist, etc.)and Folders (For example, Entertainment, Studies, etc.). Feel free to use the live website and take the help of the User's manual.This lead to inception of DashVis, and is exactly what DashVis stands for - to provide users with power of managing their data at a single place.

katapult - Kickstart Rails development!

  •    Ruby

Katapult is a kickstart generator for Rails applications. It creates new Rails applications with lots of pre-configuration and offers makandra-flavored code generation from an application model. These two features significally speed up the initial phase of a Rails project by doing in minutes what otherwise would cost you weeks. After modeling your application, which typically takes about an hour, you can instantly start implementing the meat of your application. Katapult only supports a single Ruby and Rails version, currently it's Rails 5.1.4 and Ruby 2.5.0.

actioncable-client-java - Actioncable client library for Java

  •    Java

This is the actioncable client library for Java. Please see Action Cable Overview to understand actioncable itself. This Library uses google/gson to parse and compose JSON strings.

drops - Railscasts Dynamic Select Menus updated to Rails 5

  •    Ruby

Railscasts Dynamic Select Menus updated to Rails 5. https://rubyplus.com/articles/3691-Dynamic-Select-Menus-in-Rails-5

tokie - Token based authentication from scratch

  •    Ruby

The user can login by providing a valid email and password. In a real project, this will be sent over a SSL connection. In this article, we will use Curl command that sends the user credentials in plain text format. Create a user model that has token for token for Token based authentication and password_digest for storing login password field. The password_digest is required for has_secure_password functionality provided by Rails. Add the index for the token field in the migration.

rails-settings-ui - User interface for manage settings in rails application (using rails-settings gem) / Интерфейс для управления настройками в Rails приложении

  •    Ruby

A Rails Engine to manage your application settings. Includes validation. Compatible with Rails 5. It compatible with rails-settings-cached gem. or your fork of rails-settings.

pluck_to_hash - Extend ActiveRecord pluck to return array of hashes

  •    Ruby

Extends ActiveRecord by adding pluck_to_hash method that returns array of hashes instead of array of arrays. Useful when plucking multiple columns for rendering json or you need to access individual fields in your view for example. Supports pluck_to_struct since version 0.3.0. pluck_to_struct returns an array of structs.

routes_coverage - Routes coverage for rails request/integration/capybara tests

  •    Ruby

Sometimes you need to know which routes are covered by your rails test suite. Install the gem and run your tests, then open generated report file coverage/routes.html.

tolaria - A Rails CMS framework for making your editors happy.

  •    Javascript

Tolaria is a content management system (CMS) framework for Ruby on Rails. It greatly speeds up the necessary—but repetitive—task of creating useful admin panels, forms, and model workflows for site authors. Tolaria supports IE10+, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, iOS, and Chrome for Android. Note that these are the browsers your site editors will need, not the general site audience, which can differ.

revs - Revs Digital Library website (Blacklight Application)

  •    Ruby

This is a Blacklight Application for the Automobility Archive at Stanford University. The master branch is what is deployed in production.

svg-flags-rails - Resolution-independent country flags for your website

  •    Ruby

Forks and PRs welcomed, to promote reuse of precious time. FD0 People whom actually KWTHTD should curate flags to maintain resolution-agnosticness... they should work for tiny feature phones / LCD displays, press work and when 16X displays come out.

rails_vuejs_crud - Rails 5.1 & Vue.js CRUD operations with using Webpack

  •    Ruby

This repo implements CRUD operations using Webpack. Check out live demo.

fae-app - Example fae-cms based Rails 5 website and tutorial.

  •    Javascript

I've been developing with Ruby for about six years following a dozen years or more of Java. I generally focus on server and infrastructure development. Around 2009 I started looking at Groovy (Grails), a dynamic language that runs in the JVM. I used it in a consulting project to build a vertical social networking site for a client. It was pretty cool but it still had all the baggage and complexity of the Java ecosystem and its libraries. It did make delivering a full stack app relatively easy with some help from a designer on the HTML/CMS. I love Ruby! It's fun. Yes, there are many ways to do the same thing but isn't that just like the real world? It leaves a lot of room for creativity.

volunteer_portal - An event calendar focused on tracking and reporting volunteering opportunities

  •    Javascript

Volunteer Portal is a platform designed to present, track, and report volunteering opportunities. Whether you're a large company, small business, nonprofit, or just a group of amazing people, Volunteer Portal can help you be more active in your community. Copyright 2018 Zendesk, Inc.

komponent - An opinionated way of organizing front-end code in Ruby on Rails, based on components

  •    Ruby

Komponent implements an opinionated way of organizing front-end code in Ruby on Rails, based on components. Each component has its own folder, containing a Ruby module, a partial, a stylesheet and a JavaScript file.

pong - Basic uptime monitoring with email alerts

  •    Ruby

A minimal availability monitoring system with basic email alerts. Pong is a dockerized Rails application run via docker-compose, so both docker and compose is a requirement.

timebot - :robot: Timebot is a Slack bot for helping with everyday timesheet

  •    Ruby

Timebot is a time-tracking system allowing to enter the number of hours spent on a particular project and monitor a development workflow as a whole. The information will reflect in each member’s timesheet, which can be later viewed and edited.