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Burrow is a simple library created based on some EasyNetQ ideas, it's a thin wrapper of RabbitMQ.Client for .NET. Basically, if you just need to put your message or subscribe messages from RabbitMQ server, you found the right place. With Burrow.NET, you can easily customize al...

swarrot - A lib to consume message from any Broker

  •    PHP

Swarrot is a PHP library to consume messages from any broker. Heavily inspired by stackphp/builder you can use Swarrot\Processor\Stack\Builder to stack your processors. Using the built in processors or by creating your own, you can extend the behavior of your base processor. In this example, your processor is decorated by 2 other processors. The ExceptionCatcherProcessor which decorates your own with a try/catch block and the MaxMessagesProcessor which stops your worker when some messages have been consumed.

hare - Wrapper around amqp that provides a chainable API.

  •    Javascript

Hare is a wrapper around amqp providing a cleaner chainable API for some of the common patterns. Worker queues allow you to ditribute messages to workers, where only one worker will recieve the message. Allowing for the distribution of resource intensive tasks across a worker pool.

rabbit-rpc - Simple RPC using RabbitMQ

  •    Javascript

Send strings, numbers, arrays, objects or buffers. Arguments are serialized to BSON using node-buffalo.

rabbit-mq-admin-toolkit - Manage a RabbitMQ cluster easily.

  •    PHP

You can change all connection informations with options. Launch ./console vhost:create -h to have more informations. You can launch the vhost creation even if the vhost already exist. Nothing will be deleted (and it will not impact workers).

SwarrotBundle - A symfony2 bundle for swarrot integration

  •    PHP

A bundle to use Swarrot inside your Symfony2 application. First step is to retrieve the Swarrot publisher service from your controller.

go-mq - Declare AMQP entities like queues, producers and consumers in the declarative way

  •    Go

This package provides an ability to encapsulate creation and configuration of AMQP entities like queues, exchanges, producers and consumers in a declarative way with a single config. Exchanges, queues and producers are going to be initialized in the background.

amqplib-rpc - Thin Amplib utils for RabbitMQ RPC in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Thin Amplib utils for RabbitMQ RPC in Node.js. Uses replyTo and correlationId message properties as the RabbitMQ rpc tutorial suggests. Make an rpc request, publish a message to an rpc queue.

rabbit-service - Rabbit MQ framework with generators

  •    Javascript

This service leverages RabbitMQ and generators to create a simple, extensible service for messaging. Functionality is built on top of the rabbit.js module.