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TellForm - Form Builder, Alternative to TypeForm or Google Forms

  •    Javascript

TellForm is a free, opensource form builder similar to Google Forms or TypeForm that can create stunning forms for recruiting, market research and more.

JD eSurvey - Design, Collect, and Analyze Survey Data

  •    Java

JD eSurvey delivers an exceptionally intuitive, open source system with easy-to-use interfaces to design, collect, and analyze survey data. It supports features to Embed unique survey inside your web sites, Bulk send survey email invitations, Randomizing pages and questions, Piping of previous answers, Customize your survey with your logo, Builds statistics, charts and graph.

Quick Survey - A tool for quick surveys

  •    Javascript

A tool for quickly building and releasing surveys. Open source & quick to host it yourself.

qna - A simple library for interactive questions and answers.

  •    Javascript

This will initialize a qna instance on the documents nodeSelection and corresponding snippets with the given options. Type the snippets to the corresponding nodeSelection list defined at initialization with an optional callback that will be called after all the snippets have been typed to the screen.