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hawtio - A modular web console for managing your Java stuff

  •    Javascript

hawtio is a lightweight and modular HTML5 web console with lots of plugins for managing your Java stuff. It provides web console for Active MQ, Elastic search, Apache Camel, Apache CXF, Git, Fuse Fabric, Infinispan, Jetty, JMX, Quartz, Tomcat, Wiki, JVM, Junit and lot more. You can dynamically extend hawtio with your own plugins or automatically discover plugins inside the JVM.

cron-expression-descriptor - A

  •    CSharp

A .NET library that converts cron expressions into human readable descriptions. Cron Expression Descriptor releases can be installed with NuGet.



Quartz is a dynamic programming language for the DLR based on Ruby but with C#-like syntax. Quartz is developed in C# 4.0/.Net 4.0.


  •    CSharp

这也是算是一种学习的方法和态度吧,经常去学习和总结,写下一点对于ABP(ABP是“ASP.NET Boilerplate Project (ASP.NET样板项目)”的简称)框架的理解和运用.

magazine-website-akka - The experiment on the akkadotnet

  •    CSharp

We are stopping the development for this project for a while due to some of the limitations in the actor model. If you have checked out this repository, please very care of using it in your project.Get more details at codescene.io.

Akka.Quartz.Actor - Quartz scheduling actor

  •    CSharp

This is the Quartz integration plugin for Akka.NET.Now message "Hello" will be delivered to receiver every 5 seconds.

quartz-mongodb - A MongoDB-based store for the Quartz scheduler

  •    Java

This is a MongoDB-backed job store for the Quartz scheduler. Artifacts are released to Bintray.

quartzite - Quarzite is a thin idiomatic Clojure layer on top the Quartz Scheduler

  •    Clojure

Quartzite is a powerful Clojure scheduling library built on top the Quartz Scheduler. Quartzite is past 2.0. We consider it to be stable and reasonably mature. Quartz Scheduler is a very mature project.

node-quartz-scheduler - node API for the quartz-scheduler HTTP service

  •    Javascript

Quartz does not expose HTTP services by himself. You'll need to build (maven) a war file from quartz-http.

grails-asynchronous-mail - The Grails Asynchronous Mail plugin

  •    Groovy

Grails Asynchronous Mail is a plugin for sending email messages asynchronously. It persists email messages to the database with Grails domain classes and sends them by a scheduled Quartz job. Mail is sent on a different thread, with the sendAsynchronousMail (or sendMail) method returning instantly, is not waiting for the mail to be actually sent. If the SMTP server isn't available, or other errors occur, the plugin can be set to retry later. The plugin depends on the quartz and the mail plugins. You also need a persistence provider plugin, hibernate4 and mongodb are supported.

spring-quartz-cluster-sample - Spring整合Quartz基于数据库的分布式定时任务,可动态添加、删除、修改定时任务。

  •    Java


SwiftUIImageEffects - Swift port of Apple UIImage+UIImageEffecs category.

  •    Swift

SwiftUIImageEffects is swift port from Apple UIImage+ImageEffects category. Made for practicing purpose. To use this extension just add file Source/UIImageEffects.swift to your project. See example project.

libs-opal - Opal is a vector drawing library with an API similar to Quartz 2D built on top of Cairo.

  •    Objective-C

Opal is a vector drawing library with an API similar to Quartz 2D built on top of Cairo.

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